Inductive Automation announces Ignition SCADA system

January 272010
January 27, 2010 – Inductive Automation announces Ignition SCADA system built on OPC-UA.

Ignition continues Inductive Automation’s philosophy of open, accessible systems that are unhindered by traditional licensing restrictions. Unlimited tags, screens, and no-install clients deployed using Web-Launch technology mean that customers can focus on making data available, without being hung up by costs. The ability to connect to any number of databases and the ability to open multiple web-launched design clients at no additional cost further expands the software’s value.

Ignition offers its fully cross-platform commercial OPC-UA server absolutely free. The OPC-UA server will offer a variety of drivers at launch – with many more to come – and an open driver API, all at no cost to end users.

Despite its many advantages in security, stability and cost, Linux has never been a viable option in the industrial sector, due to a lack of software options. Ignition changes this by delivering for the first time a fully-featured industrial software package that offers the same benefits on Windows and Linux.




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