MESA International Offers Online Courses

July 16, 2013 - MESA International offers a variety of instructor-led online courses. Upon successful completion, these courses provide CEUs and can also be applied towards a MES/MOM Methodologies Online Certificate of Awareness.  For full certificate requirements, visit

"Neither the speed of business nor the acceleration of technology advancement is slowing down," said Mike Yost, President, MESA.  "The MESA Global Education Program (GEP) helps companies establish a reliable approach to aligning technologies and solutions with business needs."

"There is significant financial and operational benefit for companies that figure out how to leverage modern Information Technologies in their production operations. Taking MESA GEP training online will expand the accessibility of this valuable knowledge to many more companies looking for a competitive advantage."

Why choose an online course?
Offering Global Education Program courses online makes the training and knowledge-sharing more accessible to more people in more areas. Online training benefits include:

  • Minimum time away from the workplace
  • No travel and related expenses
  • Instructor-led courses ensure access to industry-leading experts

MESA knows the value of leveraging modern Information Technologies in production operations.  The online GEP courses will make sure more people know what MESA knows.

What courses are available?
Individual courses in MESA's MES/MOM Methodologies curriculum can now be taken online - or the entire 9-course curriculum can be bundled - allowing people to earn the MESA Certificate of Awareness (CoA) completely online.

GEP courses are available for members and non-members. For premium members, MESA credits 100% of membership fees towards the cost of any GEP course. This can yield upwards of $10,000 in savings for large, premium manufacturing members.

About MESA International
MESA International (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) is a global not-for-profit industry association dedicated to improving outcomes for businesses and their people through the use of manufacturing information. MESA is comprised of manufacturers, producers, solution providers, and industry thought leaders collaborating to formulate practical strategies to turn plant-floor data into valuable knowledge for enterprise success.




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