Good Tuning: A Pocket Guide, 3rd Edition - $59.00

Good Tuning: A Pocket Guide, 3rd Edition - $59.00

Author(s): Gregory K. McMillan

Publisher: ISA

Publication Date: 2012

Type Available: Paperback

Details: Softbound, 244 pages

Every practicing instrument, process control, and process engineer will want to have this practical and to-the-point pocket guide on good tuning. Good Tuning: A Pocket Guide, Third Edition is a portable, concise summary of all the practical considerations for tuning loops. It includes step-by-step descriptions of the three best field-proven tuning procedures, a table of typical tuning settings, a summary of valve performance problems, logic diagrams for troubleshooting, and more than 70 “rules of thumb”. Wherever you have data and tuning access, you can estimate the settings for configuring new loops to review and improve the tuning of existing loops.

The PID controller has an incredible number of options and parameters besides tuning settings. Most of the power of the PID remains untapped. This third edition provides process dynamic responses, a PID checklist, and simple equations to estimate loop performance from tuning settings to take advantage of the full capability of the PID. The understanding of the interrelationship between the process, tuning, performance, and PID features enables automation and process engineers to work together to improve process efficiency and capacity.

Also featured are methods for reducing valve backlash and sticktion and preventing excessive sensor lag and noise. Finally, this edition includes adaptive controls and the application recommendations and considerations for batch control, boilers, crystallizers, columns, dryers, evaporators, extruders, neutralizers, reactors, and many other types of process equipment.

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