Thomson publishes Materials in Motion brochure

Thomson publishes Materials in Motion brochure

July 8, 2013 - Thomson published Materials in Motion – a guide to motion solutions from Thomson for building better, faster and smarter material handling equipment. The guide provides an overview of the products and technology available from Thomson, including rod-type and rodless linear actuators, round and square rail linear guides and bearings, ball and lead screws, linear slides and systems, Micron planetary gearheads, Deltran wrap spring and friction clutches, spring set brakes and resolvers. Readers will also benefit from detailed application illustrations that highlight the benefits of these technologies as applied in a variety of handling applications, including trucks and mobile lifting aids, transporting car chassis, palletizing food containers, vertical lift modules and automatic storage, assembly line engine handling and aircraft wing handling.

“In a modern production environment, moving material quickly, accurately and efficiently is a big challenge. Using the optimal motion products can give OEMs a competitive advantage by designing machines that help their customers save time and money,” says James Marek, Business Unit Director, Thomson Systems. “With more than 70 years of motion control expertise, combined with unmatched product line breadth and a commitment to agnostic machine design, Thomson is well positioned to deliver unbiased standard, modified-standard and full custom design solutions that help automotive, aerospace, food, medical and other material handling machine builders gain that competitive advantage.”

About Thomson
With more than 60 years of motion control innovation and quality, Thomson is the industry’s premier producer of Linear Ball Bushing Bearings and Profile Rail Bearings, 60 Case Shafting, ground and rolled Ball Screws, Linear Actuators, Gearheads, Clutches, Brakes, Linear Systems, and related accessories. Thomson invented the Linear Ball Bushing Bearing in 1945, and has set the standard ever since with an unsurpassed set of mechanical motion control solutions serving global commercial and aerospace & defense markets. Thomson Industries, Inc. has facilities in North America, Europe and Asia with over 2000 distributor locations around the world.




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