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  • Real Games announces FACTORY I/O game

    FACTORY I/O is a real time automation sandbox where users can build and simulate industrial systems and use them with the most common automation...

  • PLCopen publishes packaging standards

    PLCopen and OPC Foundation created an open standards ecosystem that simplifies the communications of packaging machines with other plant systems...

  • Red Lion Crimson Software Supports 300+ Protocols 
    Red Lion Crimson Software Supports 300+ Protocols

    Crimson-enabled products allow companies to easily integrate almost any PLC, PC or SCADA system for data collection, monitoring and control.

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  • SDI-12 Protocol Provides Benefits in Environmental Data Acquisition (EDA) 
    SDI-12 Protocol Provides Benefits in Environmental Data Acquisition (EDA)

    By Cindy Hollenbeck, SoftPLC
    SDI-12 stands for serial data interface at 1200 baud. It is a standard communications protocol to interface...

  • Processor Power and Energy Efficiency 
    Processor Power and Energy Efficiency

    By Jason Horine, AutomationDirect
    More components in microprocessors eliminates the need for additional external automation components, such as...

  • What Makes a Soft PLC? 
    What Makes a Soft PLC?

    By Dan Fenton, Phoenix Contact
    Provides an overview on the differences between “soft” control systems and “real-time” control systems,...

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  • Rockwell automates dual drive compressor 
    Rockwell automates dual drive compressor

    ETT operates approximately 69,000 miles of pipelines. It installed a new control system based on the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture...

  • King's Hawaiian standardizes on Rockwell Automation 
    King's Hawaiian standardizes on Rockwell Automation

    By Rockwell Automation
    King's Hawaiian had reached capacity at its California factory and bakery. Bachelor Controls created an architecture that...

  • Taking denitrification to the next level 
    Taking denitrification to the next level

    By Jaime A. Alba, et al
    The water reclamation plant at Prince William County Service Authority in Virginia needed to expand and upgrade...

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    February 5, 2015 - February 7, 2015
    Mumbai , India

    SPS Automation India will be the Tradeshow where automation industry leaders present and explore technology application with users to publish latest technologies and market ready solutions. Display your products among sustainable automation solutions making operations cleaner, safer, secure and more energy efficient.

    February 9, 2015 - February 11, 2015
    Spring House , PA, USA

    The symposium will bring together experts, from end users, , engineering consultants and supplier communities in a two-day symposium to cover the important issues of automation and their impact on the pharmaceutical (and food) industry.

    March 10, 2015
    Hanover , Germany

    Main aim of the CODESYS Users’ Conference is to give CODESYS users an overview of the new product features and above all to provide them with practical solutions for their daily work with CODESYS.

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    May 5, 2015 - May 7, 2015
    Birmingham , AL, USA

    The course will cover fundamentals of temperature, pressure, flow, and level measurements; process control loops and tuning, with process control exercises. Programmable Logic Controls (PLC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Fieldbus Technology, and final control elements will be presented and discussed. Local subject matter experts will serve as the instructors.