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  • ODVA releases updated EtherNet/IP spec for Power Management

    The latest EtherNet/IP Specification provides the framework for users to design energy-conserving functionality into their products for when...

  • EtherCAT Publishes Industrial Ethernet System Comparison 
    EtherCAT Publishes Industrial Ethernet System Comparison

    “Industrial Ethernet Technologies: Overview and Comparison” gives valuable insight into today’s most important Industrial Ethernet technologies.

  • Industrial IP Advantage online community formed 
    Industrial IP Advantage online community formed

    Cisco, Panduit, Rockwell Automation and ODVA are sponsoring a new online community that extends the Industrial IP Advantage website.

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  • EtherNet/IP: fieldbus and more 
    EtherNet/IP: fieldbus and more

    By Michael Robinson, Endress+Hauser
    More Ethernet nodes will be connected this or any other month than will have been connected in the entire...

  • Single Wire Coexistence of sercos and EtherNet/IP 
    Single Wire Coexistence of sercos and EtherNet/IP

    By Ludwig Leurs, Bosch Rexroth
    Paper discusses how to connect sercos to Ethernet/IP, allowing EtherNet/IP and sercos devices to be operated over a...

  • EtherNet/IP over IPv6  
    EtherNet/IP over IPv6

    By Dayin XU, Rockwell Automation, et al
    Because EtherNet/IP has been built in strict accordance with the ISO/OSI 7 layer model, it is largely...

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  • Ford switches from sensors to vision for body panel inspection

    Traditionally, body panels are inspected by using a robot to present the part to an array of proximity switches. Ford improved on this method by...

  • Vision System helps Exide read battery labels 
    Vision System helps Exide read battery labels

    Exide had difficulties in reading 2D data matrix codes burned into plastic with a laser burner. The problem was solved by switching to image-based...

  • Project Magnet extends the life of Whyalla Steelworks 
    Project Magnet extends the life of Whyalla Steelworks

    What’s New in Process Technology
    Project Magnet converted the Whyalla Steelworks to a magnetite iron ore feed. The project required a completely...

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    February 17, 2015 - February 18, 2015
    Raleigh , NC

    ODVA’s Roundtable for EtherNet/IP Implementors is an activity of ODVA members and invited experts aimed at helping to promote adoption, technical leadership and interoperability of EtherNet/IP through exploratory discussion and collaboration with peers within ODVA and industry and through interoperability PlugFests.

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    March 25, 2015
    Stuttgart , Germany

    EtherNet/IP ist die global führende Kommunikationstechnologie für Industrieautomation und Prozesstechnik, basierend auf Standard-Ethernet. Mehrere hundert Hersteller unterstützen EtherNet/IP als integrierte Technologie.