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  • Express Logic offers demo package for Renesas RZ/A1 starter kit 
    Express Logic offers demo package for Renesas RZ/A1...

    13 example projects cover Express Logic products and include multifunction examples that illustrate how to use several products together. MORE

  • Digi-Key updates Free Scheme-it Circuit Design Tool

    New features add design functionality, increasing supplier integration and streamlining the circuit design process. MORE

  • Littelfuse introduces iDesign Fuse Selection tool

    The iDesign on-line tool offers a fast way to identify the best component for an application, find appropriate parts documentation, and order... MORE

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  • Securing Industrial Embedded devices 
    Securing Industrial Embedded devices

    By Mahesh Subrmaniam, HCL
    Paper provides an overview of cyber security standards, procedures and design considerations to be made during embedded... MORE

  • Windows XP End of Service: Practical Options for Industrial Applications 
    Windows XP End of Service: Practical Options for...

    By Belden
    Windows XP could be everywhere in your plant: in PCs, HMIs, and hundreds of embedded devices used for process control and automation.... MORE

  • Next Generation Smart Miniature WiFi Modules Accelerate IoT and M2M 
    Next Generation Smart Miniature WiFi Modules Accelerate...

    By Nikos Vokas, Econais
    White paper explains the advantages of using WiFi as the wireless connectivity medium, and shows how to add WiFi to... MORE

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  • ITTIA database feeds cows 
    ITTIA database feeds cows

    DB SQL was embedded in Cow Master, a robotics system that feeds cows and manages animal healthcare, including automatic matching of cow feeding... MORE

  • Smarter Grid Solutions uses eXtremeDB Cluster DBMS

    McObject’s database resides in Smarter Grid Solutions’ platform software that monitors and controls devices across the network and facilitates... MORE

  • Machine Builder Increases Throughput and Efficiency Using...

    The ARC-11RB robotic welding system is equipped with a Beckhoff CX1010 Embedded PC. TwinCAT NC PTP software runs on the CX1010 and controls the... MORE

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    September 8, 2014 - September 13, 2014
    Chicago , IL, USA

    From robotics and automation services, to micro sensors and nanotechnology, Industrial Automation North America showcases the most important products in the industry and is the North American hub for innovation and networking in industrial automation.

    September 19, 2014 - September 21, 2014
    Pune , India

    Automation & Robotics EXPO 2014, an International Automation & Robotics conference & Exhibition in Pune, India, showcasing one of the best available technologically empowered equipment, machinery & services catering to Factory Automation, Robotics, Industrial Automation, System Integration, Field Automation, etc. will be held at the Auto cluster Exhibition Centre, from 19-21 Sept. 2014.

    September 30, 2014 - October 2, 2014
    Orlando , FL, USA

    Be part of the industry's top thought-leadership event. Learn more about solving your most complex operational challenges through our game-changing products, solutions, and services. Participate in powerful networking throughout the event.

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