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  • Mouser offers free MultiSIM BLUE CAD software 
    Mouser offers free MultiSIM BLUE CAD software

    The all-in-one circuit simulation tool, complete with integrated PCB layout and Bill of Materials (BOM) allows a user to scheme, simulate, PCB... MORE

  • Express Logic offers demo package for Renesas RZ/A1 starter kit 
    Express Logic offers demo package for Renesas RZ/A1...

    13 example projects cover Express Logic products and include multifunction examples that illustrate how to use several products together. MORE

  • Digi-Key updates Free Scheme-it Circuit Design Tool

    New features add design functionality, increasing supplier integration and streamlining the circuit design process. MORE

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  • Processor Power and Energy Efficiency 
    Processor Power and Energy Efficiency

    By Jason Horine, AutomationDirect
    More components in microprocessors eliminates the need for additional external automation components, such as... MORE

  • Securing Industrial Embedded devices 
    Securing Industrial Embedded devices

    By Mahesh Subrmaniam, HCL
    Paper provides an overview of cyber security standards, procedures and design considerations to be made during embedded... MORE

  • Windows XP End of Service: Practical Options for Industrial Applications 
    Windows XP End of Service: Practical Options for...

    By Belden
    Windows XP could be everywhere in your plant: in PCs, HMIs, and hundreds of embedded devices used for process control and automation.... MORE

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  • ITTIA database feeds cows 
    ITTIA database feeds cows

    DB SQL was embedded in Cow Master, a robotics system that feeds cows and manages animal healthcare, including automatic matching of cow feeding... MORE

  • Smarter Grid Solutions uses eXtremeDB Cluster DBMS

    McObject’s database resides in Smarter Grid Solutions’ platform software that monitors and controls devices across the network and facilitates... MORE

  • Machine Builder Increases Throughput and Efficiency Using...

    The ARC-11RB robotic welding system is equipped with a Beckhoff CX1010 Embedded PC. TwinCAT NC PTP software runs on the CX1010 and controls the... MORE

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