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What is industrial automation? At Opto 22 we make automation simple! As this short animation illustrates, industrial automation is a way to add intelligence to a process. Whether it’s a process for manufacturing solar panels,...
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  • ACM Facility Safety Announces Summer Process Safety Courses

    Training courses and workshops teach control systems designers, engineers and operators various aspects of process safety and how to meet worldwide...

  • ISA and MAVERICK Present Control System Migration Webinar

    On May 29, 2014, experts will discuss the challenges, problems and common mistakes involved in a process control system migration, and show how...

  • Mettler Toledo publishes Hazardous Area Catalog  
    Mettler Toledo publishes Hazardous Area Catalog

    Catalog covers weighing solutions for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries with hazardous environments.

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  • How Vision Systems play an increasingly important role in food safety, traceability and record keeping requirements 
    How Vision Systems play an increasingly important role in food safety, traceability and record...

    By Laura Studwell, Omron
    Companies are increasingly using vision systems as a critical component of their traceability and recordkeeping...

  • Integrating Multigenerational Automation Systems 
    Integrating Multigenerational Automation Systems

    By Chad Harper, Maverick Technologies
    Process manufacturing plants are famous for their tendency to keep automation systems and associated...

  • Maintaining heat transfer fluid in the food and beverage industry 
    Maintaining heat transfer fluid in the food and beverage industry

    By Clive Jones, et al, Global Heat Transfer
    A properly maintained heat transfer system employing food-grade heat transfer fluids will contribute...

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  • Robot anchors new keg line 
    Robot anchors new keg line

    Packaging World
    Asahi Premium Beverages (APB) of Melbourne, Australia, installed an Innopal RK 6 robot, which handles both palletizing and...

  • CAT<sup>2</sup> uses noax IPCs for food processing 
    CAT2 uses noax IPCs for food processing

    CAT 2 is a software company specializing in farm-to-fork traceability for the beef, pork, poultry, turkey, seafood, egg, and produce...

  • Egemin AGVs to uncork operations at DKF 
    Egemin AGVs to uncork operations at DKF

    Delmenhorster Kork-Fabrik will install AGVs to convey empty containers to a filling station and collect them once the production machines have...

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    October 12, 2015 - October 16, 2015
    Denver , CO, USA

    The Emerson Global Users Exchange is more than an industry-leading technical conference…it is a community of manufacturing leaders committed to extracting the most from their automation investment…and sharing their learning with each other.

    February 8, 2016 - February 11, 2016
    Orlando , FL, USA

    Join us at the 20th annual ARC Industry Forum to learn more about how this industrial transformation will unfold. Discover what other companies are doing today to prepare for the new age of industrial innovation and how they expect to improve their business performance by doing so.

    April 25, 2016 - April 29, 2016
    Hannover , Germany

    With the leading trade fairs taking place in parallel, HANNOVER MESSE covers a wider range of themes and exhibits than any other event – R&D, industrial automation and IT, industrial supply, production engineering and services, as well as energy and environmental technology. in 2016, the USA is making its debut as the Partner Country at the world’s largest industrial technology event.

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    August 24, 2015 - August 28, 2015
    Memphis , TN, USA

    This extended course in process instrumentation will provide maintenance and engineering personnel with a deeper understanding of the principles explored in our Basic Instrumentation School (I101). Fundamental and detailed operation of the common instruments and applications found in today's process industries will be examined from a view applicable to virtually any manufacturer's equipment....

    August 31, 2015 - September 1, 2015
    Lakeland , FL, USA

    This course will start by providing maintenance and engineering personnel with a basic understanding of pH and Conductivity analytical technologies. This basic portion will focus on concepts applicable to virtually any manufacturer's equipment. Following this introduction, we will proceed with in-depth training on pH and conductivity. The class will be a combination of classroom and hands-on...

    August 31, 2015 - September 4, 2015
    Mobile , AL, USA

    This is a basic fundamental course (4 hours) for Guided Wave and Free Space Radar Level for maintenance technicians. We will dedicate a half day to Radar technology to give you a basic understanding of this level measurement technology. The class will be primarily classroom presentation, product demonstration, group discussion, and a small amount of hands-on training with working table top...