SoftPLC Programmable Automation Controllers

SoftPLC Programmable Automation Controllers
SoftPLC provides a range of Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC’s) that all include a long list of features, such as:
  • Fully documented applications, all documentation resides in the SoftPLC
  • Powerful logic set includes standard control elements plus special functions such as LOG DATA, SEND EMAIL, READ SQL, and more
  • Embedded firewall and VPN
  • Embedded web server
  • Supports I/O systems and other devices from hundreds of vendors
  • Supports a wide variety of ethernet and industrial network and serial protocols
  • Compatible with all HMI/SCADA products
  • Supports user functions written in C++ or Java

    SoftPLC In TealwareTM
    SoftPLC In Tealware is an open architecture PLC system that consists of rack mounted components (CPU, I/O, P/S). Standard systems include Ethernet port, 2 serial ports, 16MB memory, and I/O capacity to 1024 points local and 16K points remote. Tealware can also be used as remote ModbusTCP Ethernet I/O with any SoftPLC or other compatible controller CPU.

    SoftPLC ProcessorsTM
    SoftPLC Processors are stand-alone industrial controller CPU’s that can be used for embedded systems requiring extremely fast processing or I/O, interfaces to PCI or ISA bus cards (eg: motion, bus I/O), and more. Standard systems include 2 ethernet ports, 2-4 serial ports, 128MB memory, and removable 128MB flash. A wide variety of I/O (eg: Profibus, DeviceNet) and other options are supported.