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October 282008
Automation Insights Network
Open letter to subscribers
By Rick Zabel, Publisher

We recently hired a contributing editor, Bill Lydon, to write original content for, including featured articles, technology reviews and event summaries. Bill, along with me, our editor-at-large, and content manager, help determine what articles and news stories are published on But even the largest team of writers and editors couldn't possibly do justice to all the issues relating to the broad automation industry. Here’s where you come in.

Until recently, we lacked the human resources to ask you, and other automation professionals, to share observations, knowledge and expertise for use in future stories. Now, e-mail, the Internet, and professional networking websites enable us to quickly and efficiently communicate with all of you within minutes. Those same technologies also enable us to keep track of information in a central database that we can build into a powerful storehouse of intelligence.

We are in the process of creating "Automation Insights Network," a select group of controls & automation professionals who agree to help us cover news, emerging trends and technologies on various automation topics. This network will allow us access to you, the best source of current issues and ideas in the controls and automation world. We are inviting you to share your wealth of information, extracted from jobs, contacts, friendships and industry experiences – in an online private group setting. Only manufacturers, end-users and OEMs are invited to participate. No automation suppliers, distributors or resellers will be allowed – we will verify the identity of each participant.

Every two months, we will ask participants in the Automation Insights Network to share their thoughts on specific topics with us. We will take that information, distill it, and pass it on to our reporters and editors. They may follow up with a request for more information, or perhaps an interview.

How do I participate?
All you have to do right now is let us know that you are interested in participating. This invitation is open to current e-newsletter subscribers only (Click here to subscribe). Simply go to your Subscriber Profile (or click the "Edit Subscription" link at the top of any e-newsletter) and check the box that says "Automation Insights Network," located at the bottom of your profile section. For now, we will use your e-newsletter subscription preferences as an indication of your areas of interest. Also, please be sure to complete your entire profile as this will be our first step in confirming your identity.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be forming private groups (by invitation only) on our professional networking site ( As topic groups are formed, we will send invitations to Automation Insights Network subscribers. At that point, you can decide to join the group and participate in any discussions.

How will use the information I provide?
First, we will use the knowledge, observations and expertise you provide to improve our news coverage. A newsroom analyst will take the information, connect it with other relevant intelligence and pass it on to the appropriate reporters and editors. We will not share any personal information outside of the newsroom. We will never quote you without first getting your permission.

Reporters and editors will then decide what information they deem relevant or important. If the information you provide is of interest, they will follow up with an e-mail.

The information you give us will help us ask you questions about topics relevant to your knowledge and expertise.

We also welcome your story ideas. But, understand that we cannot cover every story that you suggest. In general, we look for stories about events, issues and trends that either directly or indirectly affect many controls & automation professionals.

We will never, under any circumstance, sell or share your personal information outside the newsroom. We take your privacy extremely seriously. We want you and others to feel comfortable sharing important information with us.
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