Cognex Verifiers comply with B-17 quality guideline |

Cognex Verifiers comply with B-17 quality guideline

July 30, 2009 - Cognex announced that the company's DataMan handheld and fixed-mount 2D code verifiers enable auto industry suppliers to verify compliance with the new B-17 code quality guideline issued July 20, 2009, by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG).

The new AIAG B-17 quality guideline incorporates the Direct Part Mark (DPM) Quality Guideline for 2D codes developed by the Association for Automatic Identity and Mobility (AIM). The guideline provides the necessary foundation for a universal standard to verify the quality of Data Matrix codes directly marked on parts with techniques such as laser, dot peen, inkjet, and other DPM marking methods. The goal of the B-17 guideline is to ensure consistent marking methods and enable the highest read rates of direct marked codes throughout the manufacturing process and supply chain. Suppliers will be expected to verify and document that codes meet the guidelines before components can be shipped to the customer.

Cognex DataMan handheld and fixed-mount code verifiers provide suppliers with superior ease of use to comply with the requirements of the AIAG B-17 guideline. All DataMan verifier models include software that speeds setup and provides detailed metric results. The DataMan verifier systems also feature a fully integrated design that includes lighting, camera, processor and communications in a rugged, industrial housing. The Cognex DataMan 7500 Series verifiers are the only handheld verifiers available today that provide truly mobile AIAG B-17 compliant verification.

"The wide variety of codes, marking techniques, and substrates that are used in DPM applications mean that the look of a DPM mark can vary significantly...and that has been a challenge for code quality verification prior to the release of the AIM DPM Quality Guideline," said Carl Gerst, Director of ID Products for Cognex. "Cognex code verifiers offer reliable, repeatable performance in even the most challenging circumstances, and enable suppliers to immediately document compliance with the new B-17 guideline."

"Ensuring high read rates is key to a profitable traceability system," said Morris Brown, Supply Chain Management Program Manager for the AIAG. "The B-17 Direct Part Marking Guideline combines the latest best practices into a concise guideline to help manufacturers address traceability at the component level to improve read rates. AIAG values Cognex's contribution as a member of the B-17 Standards committee in the development of this new industry guideline."

About Cognex
Cognex Corporation is the global leader in vision-based inspection, guidance and identification systems. Companies throughout the world use Cognex vision systems to improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs and track parts on their production lines. By harnessing innovative technology that has led the world for over twenty-five years, Cognex products are universally recognized as offering the highest accuracy, reliability and performance. With more than half a million systems installed, inspecting billions of products every day, Cognex helps manufacturers operating in all industry sectors to isolate defective parts, optimize production processes and implement full traceability programs. With headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, USA, and offices throughout the Americas, Japan, Europe and Asia, Cognex provides exceptional service through teams of local experts and a network of over 300 approved partners.
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