Control Performance Track Overview |

Control Performance Track Overview

September 212012
September 24-27, 2012
ISA Automation Week, Orlando, FL
Track Chair: George Buckbee
As the Track Chair for Control Performance, I am very excited about this year’s line-up of presentations. We have some excellent papers, addressing some of the most important questions in our field:
  • What is the value of your control system? 
  • What does it contribute to the bottom-line of your business? 
  • Are you working on the right things—those that will deliver the biggest benefit to your company?
  • How can you get more from your existing systems?
The line-up includes papers on topics ranging from control hardware to performance improvement and advanced control techniques. Presenters from around the world will give you insight into new and different ways to address control problems.
There is something for everyone in this track: World-renowned experts and relative newcomers will be sharing their successes and showing you how to re-apply them at your plant.
On Tuesday, there will be sessions on Control Design Practices, Manufacturing Intelligence, and The Business Value of Controls. Presenters from as far away as Brazil will be sharing innovative techniques to save money with control systems. Several of these papers will discuss how you can squeeze more value out of your existing control system, without needing expensive upgrades.
Wednesday’s sessions focus on efficiency and optimization. Two talks will focus on improving batch operations. One session will cover advanced control techniques, and another will discuss how to maintain advanced control performance in the long term. Dr. D.H. Lee is coming all the way from South Korea to explain how good techniques for control performance can contribute tens of millions of dollars to the bottom-line.
We are especially fortunate this year to be presenting some papers written by participants in ISA’s Mentor program. These papers show that it does not take 10 years of experience to get good results. The papers are very practical, and focused on delivering business value. Greg McMillan and Hunter Vegas, the mentors, will host a panel session to review the overall results of the ISA Mentor Program.
The Thursday sessions will focus on new and novel methods of control. You will learn about fuzzy logic, non-linear control, and other modern advances in control theory and practice.
Block out some time on your busy ISA schedule to attend sessions of the Control Performance Track. You will not be disappointed … I guarantee you will find at least one new and practical way to deliver more value for your plant.
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