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E-mail Marketing: What's in it for you?

February 252010
Here are just a few things that e-mail marketing with Automation.com can accomplish for your company.

      1. Reach marketing objectives – E-mail marketing should be an integral piece of your overall marketing strategy and can be successful in reaching many marketing objectives. Targeted e-mail messages are an effective way for constant communication to persuade, inform, influence and retain your customers and prospects.

      2. Lead generation – Custom e-mail messages allow you to track and analyze prospect user behavior and demographic information. This can help you to identify the needs of prospects and work to meet those needs.

      3. Drive Traffic – Correspondence via e-mail messages will drive traffic to your website. You can even specify landing pages within the e-mail to which you want to send readers.

      4. Acquisition and prospecting – E-mail marketing enables you to reach prospective leads and secure a database for future communications.

      5. Branding – E-mails can send clear brand messages to targeted audiences and assist in building brand identity.

And below are a few advantages of Automation.com’s e-mail marketing services:

      1. Personalized and segmented – E-mail messages to Automation.com’s readers can be personalized and addressed to a specific recipient. Segmentation can be done by Job Function, Industry and Geographical Location.

      2. Inexpensive – Compared to other marketing vehicles, e-mail marketing has a low cost per contact. Automaiton.com custom e-mail messages cost just $.30 per e-mail address.

      3. Measurable – We provide custom reports on e-mail message activity to measure ROI. The reports include measurements of Delivery Rate, Open Rate and Click Through Rates

      4. Interactive – Access to online forms via e-mail messages allow interested customers and prospects to provide feedback directly to marketers.

      5. Popular – Automation professionals are going online to look for the latest products and technologies and appreciate the convenience of the information coming direct to their Inbox.

      6. Fast – Recipients will often respond to or take action on e-mail messages within 24 hours.

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