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Executive Interview - Darius Adamczyk, New President of Honeywell Process Solutions

July 092012
Executive Interview - Darius Adamczyk, New President of Honeywell Process Solutions
July 2012
By Bill Lydon, Editor
Darius Adamczyk, the new President of Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), appears to have a major focus on increasing services for customers. I had the opportunity to chat with Adamczyk about his thoughts on managing the Honeywell Process Solutions group at the 2012 Honeywell Users Group conference held June, 2012 at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix, Arizona.
Darius Adamczyk had been on the job four weeks when he addressed attendees at the HUG 2012 conference and noted, “Don’t expect any visions for the automation industry…” He described that a great deal of his experience at Booz Allen Hamilton (management and technology consulting firm) was related to problem solving and understanding best practices at companies. In the keynote, Adamczyk noted he is a firm believer in innovation and having large R&D investments to sustain a business with a pipeline of new and innovative products.   He also emphasized service by saying, “Service the installed base and taking care of customers.” “I love the service business; it is probably my favorite part of this.” He invited users to feel free to provide their ideas, criticism, and input to improve Honeywell Process Solutions offerings. Adamczyk suggested that one thing we should all be able to agree upon is that sustainability is the only way to have long term success and noted it is a challenge. “I face it every year at budgeting time; I am expected to do a lot more with a lot less,” said Adamczyk. He feels Honeywell can help customers with these challenges through innovations and collaborations. “You should also view us (Honeywell) as another resource…to build that sustainable enterprise,” said Adamczyk.   He described Honeywell’s holistic approach to sustainability with solutions and best practices for the entire lifecycle of an industrial plant including design, build, operations, and management. Adamczyk wrapped up his keynote stating they want to build collaborative user partnerships, help customers deliver better business results, and do more with less. 
Later I interviewed Adamczyk and asked what he views as challenges and opportunities over the next years? He noted one of the key advantages HPS has over competitors is a robust installed base. “I am not sure we have leveraged that and formed the types of partnerships with our customers for the long term,” said Adamczyk.  Honeywell has many systems over 20 years old which is incredible in the electronics industry and he is very proud of what Honeywell has done for customers.   He noted the goal is to have a rational migration strategy that is coherent, non-destructive, and creates value for users rather than just a capital expense. 
I asked Adamczyk about his emphasis on service in his keynote the day before. He replied, “I come from a world where if you’re not servicing 70-80% of your installed base you are doing something wrong.” He emphasized that they have to be a “bit clearer” about why it makes sense to use Honeywell services. He suggests that downtime is so important that putting your plant at risk by not having the best service provider simply to save a small amount of money does not make sense. These are business level discussions about value and he suggests Honeywell should be an integral part of a customer’s lifecycle planning process. I asked Adamczyk who are the Honeywell people that consult with customers on lifecycle planning. Adamczyk responded that they are investing in dedicated service sales people which they have not had in the past. He described how service requires a lot of structure with the right tools in place and that coordination of people calling on customers is an important part of this process. I asked how many more people this will require and he said he is analyzing this as one of his first tasks. Adamczyk has operating experience in this area having run the service business for the industrial technologies group at Ingersoll Rand.
We then discussed the Honeywell organization and Adamczyk commented that what he likes about the LOB (Local Operating Business) structure put in place last year is the consistency in processes and customers really want them to be consistent. While discussing world support, he said “Honeywell is the most global outfit I have ever seen.”  Honeywell is a very global organization with people everywhere. He notes the challenge is to manage for efficiency.
Most recently, Adamczyk was President of Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. Before that Adamczyk was Chief Executive Officer of Metrologic Instruments of New Jersey. Adamczyk joined Honeywell in July, 2008, when Metrologic Instruments was acquired by Honeywell.  He joined Metrologic Instruments Inc. from Ingersoll Rand, a leading diversified industrial company providing products and services to a broad range of industries, where he served as President of its Air Solutions Group. He also has experience from 1995 to 1999 as a senior associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, a global strategy and technology consulting firm. He began his professional career as an electrical engineer at General Electric in 1988. His education includes an MBA from Harvard University, a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Michigan State University.
Thoughts & Observations
My impression is Darius Adamczyk brings new perspectives to Honeywell Process Solutions and he truly respects the organization. He clearly intends to increase the HPS service offerings, including service contracts on Honeywell products plus services on a wide range of equipment in customer plants.
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