Press Releases: Writing Secrets that Maximize Your Online Coverage |

Press Releases: Writing Secrets that Maximize Your Online Coverage

September 282009
The main reason you wish your product releases to be published on an online site like is to generate sales leads and send traffic to your web site. Therefore, it's important to write your headline and first paragraph so that (a) web site editors know what it is and will want to publish it and (b) once published, it can easily be found by search engines.

Keep in mind you have two audiences. First, there are the 95,000+ professionals who visit every month. You want your product's headline to intrigue them and leave them wanting to read more.

Second, your savvy potential customers often use a search engine like Google to find product information. If you have a new Veeblefetzer, for example, you want Google to be able to find your Veeblefetzer product write ups on and the few other sites that run it.

This said, writing descriptive headlines and first paragraphs is extremely important. They are what potential customers and search engines see first.

The Headline
The headline should announce your company, the product name and what it is. Do not create fancy, obtuse, confusing or braggadocio headlines. Web editors will likely cut out and rewrite those types of headlines. Also, a misleading headline might make the web editor assume the product is something else. It is best to get right to the point: ABC announces Model XYZ Veeblefetzer - It's simple, to the point and easily searched.

The First Paragraph
Almost all web coverage of news and products around the world consists of a headline, three lines of copy and a link to the complete news or product write up. When search engines find your content on a web site, they often include the headline and first few lines of copy. Therefore, make those three lines of copy descriptive enough that site visitors will want to read more.

It is best to write your own descriptive text rather than rely on the web site editor to do it for you. So, think to yourself, “If I had to describe the best features of the Model XYZ Veeblefetzer in three lines, what would I say?” Then, make that your opening paragraph.

Here is an example:
ABC announces Model XYZ Veeblefetzer
September 1, 2009—The Model XYZ Veeblefetzer has 32 digital I/O and 16 analog I/O, Windows CE operating system, built-in cybersecurity and interfaces to Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus.

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