SignalFire and VEGA enhance remote monitoring for pizza production plant

SignalFire and VEGA enhance remote monitoring for pizza production plant

April 11, 2017…A regional pizza commissary will soon be able to remotely manage flour storage silos at its production plant from locally-networked personal computers. VEGA Americas and SignalFire Wireless Telemetry have teamed up to couple VEGAPULS69 radar level instruments with a SignalFire Remote Sensing System (SFRSS) to provide a wireless remote monitoring and control solution to track flour usage. 

Previously, operators at the pizza production plant would only know their flour levels were low when the vibrator on the silo began to make a loud, banging noise. Based on production needs, the pizza plant requires up to three flour deliveries a week to support their output of over 50,000 crusts. With no measurement instrumentation, the plant must rely on the delivery company’s word that they delivered the requested load amount.  As a result, the pizza plant is less efficient with production schedules than it could be and risks inaccuracies in product delivery quantities which can be costly. SFRSS integrated with the VEGAPULS69 level sensors will wirelessly transmit flour usage data to the plant network where it is accessible by personal computers and other devices.  Installed atop the silos, the VEGAPULS69 level sensors provide continuous measurement of bulk solids in storage silos under different process conditions. 

The VEGAPULS69 is a suitable level instrument for this application as its maintenance-free design works in explosive and dusty environments such as the pizza flour silo.