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Wireless Technology Track Overview

September 212012

Track Chair: Brad Carlberg
The first session titled “Plant-wide Wireless” will include three presentations, each with case studies in three industrial facilities where implementing wireless mobile devices increased productivity, reduced nuisance alarms by alarm rationalization, enabled Operators to take their Control Room responsibilities into the field, while also being alerted to new alarms and allowing them to respond/acknowledge them, and provide resilient and secure communication infrastructure between the DCS and the mobile device as close to real time as possible. These presentations include Gary Williams, Product Manager for Control & Safety of Enterprise Networks and Security Services at Invensys, presenting on the topic “Improved Safety through the use of Wireless technology, results in a 25% increase in production”; followed by Eric Rotvold, Distinguished Technologist at Emerson Process Management, presenting on the topic “Wireless - Real World Applications”; followed by Phil Ng, Global Sr. Product Manager at Honeywell, presenting on the topic “Implementing Wireless around the Plant”.
The middle session titled “Energy Harvesting: Powering your Wireless Devices” will consist of three presentations that describe methods of energy harvesting to power wireless devices including Keith Abate, Director of Business Development at Perpetuum, presenting on the topic “Vibration Energy Harvesting - Perpetually Powering Wireless Industrial Equipment Health & Process Monitoring Applications,” exploring the real-world use of electro-magnetic vibration energy harvesters as a perpetual power source augmenting "battery only" power options for Industrial Wireless Sensor Nodes/Networks and giving real world examples of powering WSN for equipment health & Process monitoring, Rail transportation (freight & passenger) VEH applications, and the future of energy harvesting. He is followed by Jonathan Jacobs, regional sales manager with TR Electronic North America, presenting on the topic “Power and Signal over an Air Gap – The Truly Wireless Solution,” describing power and signal over an air gap using inductive coupling technology, which its inherently less maintenance than traditional direct connection methods of powering machines on the factory floor giving an idea of the advantages of inductive power transmission technology, cover how the technology works, and the most common application types that can take advantage of this technology. The presenter will cover the benefits and limitations of the technology and discuss how to decide if inductive power transmission is the right technology for your application. Burkhard Habbe, Vice President Business Development at Micropelt, will be presenting on the topic “Wireless Temperature And Pressure Transmitters Powered by Thermoharvesting - Experience From A Field Trial,” showing attendees experience from field trials where wireless temperature and pressure transmitters and wireless mesh networks in select European chemical plants powered by thermoharvesting using chip-sized thermogenerators offering viable battery alternatives and promising to remove the maintenance obstacle, which limits the growth of wireless sensors.
The third session titled “Improving Plant Operations with Wireless” will show the attendees how to improve plant operations with wireless including the first presentation by Mike Fahrion, the director of product management at B&B Electronics, presenting on the topic “M2M Goes Mainstream: What Happens When Moore's Law Meets the Internet of Things.” He will look at how technology-enablers like IPv6, Wi-Fi, Cellular, and 6LowPAN will change the ways we live and work. He will discuss the impact and future of IP networks, the ways in which networking will expand, and some of the things that will be happening way out at the network “edge,” where network-enabled devices will be performing new functions in increasingly difficult environments. He will describe some of the problems that will be encountered when new technologies are deployed, as well as their solutions, and he will discuss the ways in which legacy equipment can be induced to keep up with the times. In the second presentation, Sarah Prinster, VP of Marketing at Apprion, will be presenting on the topic “Industrial Wireless Application Implementations & Wireless Technologies” giving the attendees examples of innovative industrial wireless implementations including real-life lessons learned during a turnaround at a Texas-based facility showing actual results in terms of financial return and future opportunities and including a few of the unexpected benefits of choosing a strategic, plant-wide (or even company-wide) approach to industrial wireless, and sharing real-life wireless experiences in industrial application, including governance and guidelines essential for success, the do’s and don’ts, the importance of genuine wireless site surveys, plus other lessons learned at various industrial facilities. In the third presentation, Pavol Segedy, of Brown and Caldwell, will be presenting on the topic “Mobile Devices for SCADA Integration and Beyond: Considerations, Security, and Applications.” Pavol will explore how the use of mobile technology offers plant managers, instrumentation techs, and operators secure access to critical process data from anywhere using smart phones or tablets. Mobile devices provide convenience and simplicity by bringing meaningful real-time data that can help operators and executives make decisions and improve system operation by focusing on the primary considerations for implementing wireless solutions, security methodologies and provides a demonstration of some of the more popular SCADA applications currently being used in industry.

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