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POSITAL announces 22 mm multi-turn kit encoder

January 062020
POSITAL announces 22 mm multi-turn kit encoder

January 6, 2020 - Encoder manufacturer POSITAL has unveiled a fully functional prototype of their miniature multi-turn kit encoder for integrated motor feedback. With a diameter of 22 mm and a height of 23 mm (0.87”/0.9”), the device is a multi-turn kit. It features a self-powered rotation counter that is designed to do away with the need for backup batteries or complex gear systems. POSITAL’s 22 mm magnetic Kit Encoders are designed for builders of servomotors, feedback-controlled stepper motors, microdrives, miniature robots and other machines where high-precision position feedback is required and space is at a premium.

The 22 mm kits cover a multi-turn measurement range and provide digital output. They offer 17-bit electronic resolution and a multi-turn measurement range of up to 32 bits. Vendor-neutral SSI and BiSS C interfaces are supported. Installation of the 22 mm kits can be done under normal factory conditions. The combination of magnetics, an integrated temperature sensor for diagnostics, multi-turn functionality and maintenance-free operation all are features of the kits.