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Emerson introduces series of Rosemount solids level switches

January 302020
Emerson introduces series of Rosemount solids level switches

January 30, 2020 -- Emerson has introduced a range of Rosemount solids level switches designed to optimize operations, provide point level monitoring and support overfill prevention. The introduction of switches based on four technologies enables Emerson to offer a product portfolio for continuous and point level solids measurement.

The vibrating fork, paddle, capacitance and vibrating rod switches within the Rosemount range ensure monitoring of solid materials such as powders, grains and pellets in all silo types across industries including food and beverage, agriculture, chemical, power, cement, mining and plastics. The switches require low levels of maintenance and are designed for operation in challenging environments, including those with high temperatures, high pressures, dust and risk of explosion.

The switches can be used to provide standalone point level monitoring to help optimize filling and emptying cycles. They can also be deployed within an overfill prevention system.

In applications involving light, fine-grained and powdered materials where measurement sensitivity is required, Rosemount 2511 and 2521 vibrating fork switches provide a solution. European Commission ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) certification permits installation in explosive areas, and all wetted parts are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, making them suitable for use in hygienic applications. The Rosemount 2501 rotary paddle switch can be used as a full, demand or empty detector in storage silos or process vessels. The paddle design can withstand heavy loads and extreme temperatures of up to 1100° C.

The Rosemount 2555 capacitance switch can be installed in pipes as a limit switch and spillage detector. The switch is suitable for use with materials that have dielectric values as low as 1.5 and is designed to prevent material build-up in applications where there is a risk of coating. The Rosemount 2535 vibrating rod switch provides high chemical resistance due to the fact that it is completely made of food-grade stainless steel.