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A "Fireside Chat" Session with Dick Morley: Innovate, Imagine, Invent

September 242012
Technology Solutions Theater 1, Showcase Floor
5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
(Stay for an interactive Q&A with Dick immediately following his presentation)
The “Father of the PLC”, Dick Morley, will host an interactive discussion, offering attendees a rare opportunity to sit and talk with one of the best known legends of automation. Dick is a leading visionary in the field of advanced technology development and an inventor who holds more than 20 technology patents. A renowned entrepreneur, author, speaker, consultant, and engineer, Dick Morley is famous for his daunting intelligence and his talent for looking at technology, operations, and systems—even life itself—from a decidedly unique viewpoint. Dick is sure to challenge the audience to consider their problems and opportunities in new, refreshing, and often stunning ways—a talent which has created a high demand for his valuable insights and put him at the forefront of technological innovation.
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