AVEVA announces “AVEVA Action for Good” program | Automation.com

AVEVA announces “AVEVA Action for Good” program

AVEVA announces “AVEVA Action for Good” program

October 11, 2018 - AVEVA has launched the “AVEVA Action for Good” program, to support global and regional social wellbeing initiatives, which make a positive difference to the workplace, its communities and the environment.

As part of AVEVA’s commitment to this initiative, the company has pledged 1% of profit after tax to support employee-led programs, initiatives and causes.

Across 40 countries and 80 locations, through the Action for Good program, employees will now have an additional day of paid leave per year for social wellbeing activities and access to a fund to support their work within local communities and worldwide.

AVEVA’s employees have in the past organized fundraising and charitable activities, including providing support to local orphanages in India, raising money to provide vaccines for local children in Japan and working to prevent the deterioration of a mangrove forest in Thailand.

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