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BuilConn building automation show opens in Middle East

Leading Global Building Automation Event to Debut in UAE and KSA on 26th February, 2007

Dubai, February 21, 2007: In recognition of the increased demand for IT in building automation, Clasma Events announced the launch of the building automation event BuilConn® in Dubai. The global event will make its Middle East debut on February 26th, 2007.

BuilConn will be held at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai from the 26 – 28 of February, 2007 and will focus on the trends, drivers and opportunities in real-estate developments in the Middle East region, with particular emphasis on the role of connectivity in building systems and with IT.

BuilConn will showcase building automation expertise, vendors, developers and owners on a unified platform aimed at providing up-to-date technologies and adoption strategies for intelligent building owners and integrators in the Middle East region.

“We’re very excited to be here at this emerging time in the region; the year 2004 saw the sector contribute 12.2 % to Dubai’s non-oil GDP and a subsequent annual average growth rate of 27.7% during the same period. However; 2007 is looking to outclass these figures. Available data demonstrates the immense infrastructure and facility developments in the Middle East. Bold and visionary buildings are being created for commerce, industry and leisure; and we believe BuilConn presents every idea, perspective and technology that benefits building owners in every way,” said Anto Budiardjo, President and CEO of Clasma Events Inc.

Working alongside with Clasma Events Inc., Cisco, leading IT and technology giant, will partner with BuilConn 2007 and promote the concept of the data network as a pervasive fourth utility within municipalities and buildings. Cisco is making a huge investment with their CCRE (Cisco Connected Real Estate) initiative in the region and has identified the Middle East as one of their fastest growing markets of connected buildings.

Amr Salem, Vertical Segment Manager, TREC (Tourism, Real estate and Construction) of CISCO, said: “As Cisco enters the real estate market with its connected real estate proposition, BuilConn Middle East is a timely global industry event. We look forward to our participation in this event as it promises to build more awareness and focus on how Technology can help maximizing return on investment in facilities for developers, owners and occupiers alike.”

BuilConn Middle East 2007 will comprise a conference and exposition (in Dubai only) and will feature a one day workshop, followed by two days of expo and conference. The conference will feature leading technology, building and IT experts who are some of the key players in championing the cause of convergence both globally and in the region.

Key topics at the conference include both business and technology ranging from understanding the value of connected buildings, energy efficiency, green facilities, building – IT convergence, current architectures, existing and upcoming technologies to name a few.

BuilConn will conclude on February 28, 2007 and will be followed by a one day seminar at the Four Seasons at Kingdom Tower, Riyadh, KSA on March 3 2007.

Clasma Events Inc. is a Dallas, Texas based events company specializing in providing services for the building systems, energy and device connectivity industries. Clasma Events Inc. is made up of marketing, technical and communication professionals with decades of industry experience in tradeshow and conference development, promotion and execution. Clasma works with a network of associates around the world with extensive domain knowledge of smart connected devices, to organize events to the building systems, energy and device connectivity industries in key markets of the world.

Visit www.builconn.com/2007/me for more information on the event.
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