ExperTune and TiPS announce User's Conference |

ExperTune and TiPS announce User's Conference

ExperTune and TiPS announce User's Conference
December 26, 2006 - ExperTune and TiPS have announced their 2007 User's Conference, to be held April 17-19, in Austin, Texas. The conference theme, "Build a Stronger Automation Foundation," captures the essence of the event, which will focus on technologies and techniques that restore and strengthen your automation infrastructure.

ExperTune and TiPS share a common philosophy: "The best operations run on a foundation of excellent basic automation." Both companies help their clients ensure that control system fundamentals are being leveraged successfully to deliver safety, quality, reliability, and profits.

John Gerry, President and Founder of ExperTune, says "Many of our clients and business partners are leaders in the field of process control optimization. We expect this to be an outstanding learning opportunity for everyone."

"There is such a wide range of experience related to alarm management and its influence on control. This conference brings people from different perspectives together to share and learn. It will be an invaluable forum for anyone involved in designing or using regulatory control," adds TiPS President, Bob Weibel.

The 3-day conference will be held at the Marriott Courtyard adjacent to the Austin convention center. The program includes hands-on training, case studies, and roundtables, including presentations from notable industry leaders. Conference attendees will try out optimization techniques from classrooms equipped with wireless networks connected to full-scale process simulations.

For more information on the conference, visit .

About TiPS:
TiPS is a pioneer in alarm management software, producing the first version of LogMate in 1990. LogMate has been refined over 16 years and hundreds of installations around the globe. TiPS prides itself on quality, stable, feature-rich products that excel against the highest standards of value. TiPS is a thought leader in alarm management, committed to education and empowerment of our current and future clients.

About ExperTune
For 20 years, ExperTune has created award-winning optimization software that runs in thousands of plants world-wide. PlantTriageR Performance Supervision Software oversees the optimization of an entire plant. PlantTriageR optimizes the entire process, including equipment, operations, and controls. ExperTune's full suite of optimization tools is designed to increase the efficiency of processes. The company's analysis tools include interaction analysis, modeling, robustness, linearization, valve wear analysis, pH linearization, time series analysis, MPC performance improvement, 6-sigma, frequency analysis, and process modeling.
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