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Hannover Fair includes 12 trade shows

Twelve 'Fairs Within A Fair' Expected To Host 6,000 Exhibiting Companies And 200,000 Attendees On 2.15 Million Square Feet Of Display Area; Turkey Will Take Stage As Partner Country

March 7, 2007 - (Hannover, Germany) - HANNOVER MESSE, scheduled for 16-20 April 2007 at the Hannover Fairgrounds, will host 12 leading international trade fairs that feature the best in modern industrial technology. Deutsche Messe, organizer of HANNOVER MESSE, expects 6,150 companies from 68 countries to exhibit on more than two million square feet of display space. Forty-seven percent of exhibiting companies will come from outside of Germany, with China, Italy and Turkey accounting for the largest non-German contingents. Topping HANNOVER MESSE's agenda will be industrial automation; power transmission and control; energy technologies; industrial subcontracting and services; and emerging technologies and R&D. Turkey will be Partner Country for 2007.

The Latest Technological Trends for All Sectors of Industry
HANNOVER MESSE showcases the entire spectrum of cutting-edge technologies and where they fit in the end-to-end industrial process chain. And it's not simply a matter of showing the latest products -- emphasis is placed on a series of integrated systems where individual components work together as parts of a greater whole. According to Deutsche Messe, this unique scope and diversity connects attendees with complete solutions for tasks in virtually every area of industrial production.

INTERKAMA+: Process Automation (Halls 7-9, 11)
This top-ranking international event presents a complete spectrum of components, systems and services, including engineering and maintenance. Visitors will be ideally placed to identify solutions geared to their specific requirements. The program includes a number of attractive supporting events -- for example, the INTERKAMA+ Forum (Hall 7) and "The Future of Automation" (Hall 11).

Factory Automation: Production Automation (Halls 8, 9, 11, 14-17)
Throughout industry the trend is towards networked automation systems. Exhibitors from the mechanical/electrical engineering and electronics sectors will present all the latest developments. Hot topics in 2007 will be industrial robots, sensors, as well as assembly and handling. At the newly created "Application Park" in Hall 17 visitors will be able to view prototypes and customized solutions -- live and in action. The line-up at Factory Automation also includes the "Robotics Academy" (Hall 16) and the "Automation Applications Clinic" (Hall 17), the two forums "Innovations for Industry" (Hall 15) and "Factory Automation" (Hall 16/17), as well as the special displays "Automation Live" (Hall 17), "Wireless Automation" (Hall
16) and "Industrial Identification" (Hall 16).

Industrial Building Automation: Integrated Industrial and Building Automation Systems (Halls 11, 14)
This trade fair reflects the growing integration of production facilities/peripherals on the one hand, and production/process automation on the other. Industrial Building Automation will be a magnet for production planners, designers and development engineers.

MDA - Motion, Drive & Automation: Power Transmission and Control (Halls 14-17, 19-26)
Motion, Drive & Automation (MDA) completes the line-up of automation-related displays at HANNOVER MESSE. Held every two years, MDA presents a complete array of power transmission and control technology in Hall 24. The focus will be on specialized transmission systems for wind power installations, as well as on automation components and innovative mobile hydraulic systems.

Digital Factory: Integrated Processes and IT Solutions (Hall 17)
The emphasis here is on software and IT solutions for industrial applications (production, sales and service). A new feature in 2007 will be the "Digital Factory Guided Tours" for visitors. A new presentation entitled "IT-based Services" will augment the established display categories "Product Lifecycle Management" (PLM) and "Manufacturing Execution Systems" (MES).

Subcontracting: Services, Materials, Components and Systems for Mechanical Engineering, the Automotive Industry and Plant Engineering (Halls 3-5)
One of the largest fairs of its kind worldwide, "Subcontracting" is a central meeting-place for procurement and sourcing specialists, as well as product designers and developers. The display highlights include industrial materials, new assembly and production techniques, plus outsourcing in all its forms (components, assemblies and complete systems). The exhibits will be supplemented by an extensive program of supporting events -- for example, "Gegossene Technik" (Hall 3) and the "Innovations Centre for Engineering Materials", the "Materials Forum", "Material Trends" and the "2007 iF Material Award 2007" (all in Hall 5).

Energy: Renewable and Conventional Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution (Halls 11-13, 27)
"Energy" is the only trade show worldwide that presents a complete spectrum of technologies and services designed to ensure a future-proof energy mix. The emphasis is on conventional as well as renewable energy. The efficient utilization of existing resources will be a key issue -- not only at Energy 2007, but in all the other sections of HANNOVER MESSE as well.

Pipeline Technology: Pipeline Technology and Network Management (Hall 27, Pipeline Park on the Open-air Site)
A logical extension of the "Energy" trade show, "Pipeline Technology" features the latest developments in pipeline and network systems. Following on from its highly successful premiere in 2006, the "Pipeline Technology" line-up has been streamlined. The focus is on pipeline systems, planning, construction, services and contracting in relation to oil, gas and water. In addition, the special display PIPE>Live will provide a detailed overview of the entire value-adding chain. The 2007 Pipeline Technology Conference will be a valuable source of information for decision-makers from industry, local government and municipal utilities. The Conference takes place at the Convention Center on 16 and 17 April.

ComVac: Leading Trade Fair for Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology (Hall 27)
Held every two years, "ComVac" will be part of the HANNOVER MESSE line-up in 2007. On the one hand, ComVac presents a complete array of solutions for the generation, transport and storage of compressed air. The line-up also includes pneumatic tools and equipment. On the other hand, ComVac features vacuum pumps, measuring devices and other related products. The spotlight will also be on plant optimization, services and integrated solutions. The supporting program includes the ComVac Application Center, where (among other things) visitors can explore the potential for reducing costs by deploying state-of-the-art compressed air and vacuum systems. Numerous synergies exist with the other sections of HANNOVER MESSE. One example is "SurfaceTechnology plus Powder Coating Europe" in Hall 6, which deals with the issue of vacuum coating.

SurfaceTechnology plus Powder Coating Europe (Hall 6)
Every two years "SurfaceTechnology plus Powder Coating Europe" presents a complete spectrum of innovative surface treatment technology -- cleaning and pre-treatment, coating and paint spraying, as well as electroplating. In 2007 the spotlight will also be on the latest environmental protection regulations (e.g., the VOC Directive and REACH). A new highlight in 2007 will be the "Surface Technology Forum", which centres on innovative paint-spraying systems. The "Practice Park" display boasts a real-life paint spraying installation that illustrates the entire surface treatment process -- from the raw material to the finished product. Last but not least, "Surface World" will highlight interesting examples of modern electroplating technology.

MicroTechnology: Applied Microsystems Technology and Nanotechnology (Halls 14-15)
This high-tech display presents microsystems and nanosystems for application in a wide range of different industrial sectors -- for example, mechanical engineering, energy, lasers, optics and medical equipment. A new addition is the group presentation entitled "Lasers - World of Microtechnology", which will give visitors a complete update on the latest product developments and research work in the field of laser-based microtechnology. A further special display ("ShowPlace NANO") will feature innovative solutions and applications in the area of nanotechnology. Further highlights in 2007 will be the "MicroTechnology FORUM" and the special display "Ultra-Precision Manufacturing".

Research & Technology: Innovations Market for R & D (Hall 2)
Hall 2 at HANNOVER MESSE is the first port of call for all those who are interested in technology transfer. Exhibitors and visitors can find out more about the latest technologies and research projects. Universities, research organizations and innovative companies from all over the globe will have the opportunity to present their R&D results and market-ready products. The program will include a repeat appearance of "techtransfer - Gateway2innovation", as well as new displays devoted to "Smart Textiles" and "Adaptronics". On the evening of the first day of HANNOVER MESSE (beginning at 6 p.m.) the exhibitors will be invited to the "Night of Innovations", where they will be able to establish contact with researchers and developers in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Turkey as a Potent International Trading Partner
With Turkey signed up as the official Partner Country for 2007, HANNOVER MESSE is once again providing a platform to a country that offers outstanding market opportunities and growth potential, coupled with a track record for innovation and a highly diversified industrial base. The organizers are expecting around 6,000 visitors from Turkey. More than 200 Turkish exhibitors will be occupying a net display area of 70,000 square feet. The presentation concept calls for a central stand located in Hall 26, together with numerous joint presentations staged by Turkish exhibitors within the individual fairs and trade shows that make up the HANNOVER MESSE program.

Turkey's exhibition program spans a diverse range of technologies and industrial sectors, with the emphasis on engineering and services in the OEM and subcontracting sectors. Other key areas covered by the Partner Country display include R&D, process and building automation as well as energy and pipeline technologies.

A Program with Added Value
Year after year HANNOVER MESSE is the international meeting-place for decision-makers from industry, science, business and politics. The next show in April 2007 will once more provide ideal opportunities for new business leads and contacts, as well as for the transfer of know-how and expertise between users, suppliers and development engineers from across the globe. These important functions are facilitated by the hundreds of special events, presentations, themed displays, symposia, congresses and talks by experts that take place within the individual flagship events and major trade fairs.

In addition to these individual themed offerings, HANNOVER MESSE 2007 will also feature numerous special events of interest to the entire industrial community. One such event is the presentation of the HERMES AWARD -- the most lucrative international technology prize awarded to industry.

A further highlight once again on the program for HANNOVER MESSE 2007 is the Global Business Forum in Hall 6. This provides a unique platform for information and networking in foreign business. In a display covering approximately 27,000 square feet service providers, trade associations, chambers of commerce, government and public bodies from around the world will demonstrate various ways of helping enterprises access international markets.

Another high-profile event at this year's show is the World Energy Dialogue, which is taking place for the second time in association with the leading trade fair "Energy". This international forum, comprising a series of discussions involving top experts, will be held from 17 to 19 April 2007 in the Convention Center at the Exhibition Grounds. The core themes of the conference are energy efficiency and strategies for sustainable energy supplies in the future, based on a mix of energy resources.

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