Honeywell IoT Analytics Efforts Showing Strong Focus on Security and Efficiency |

Honeywell IoT Analytics Efforts Showing Strong Focus on Security and Efficiency

July 292016
Honeywell IoT Analytics Efforts Showing Strong Focus on Security and Efficiency

By Bill Lydon, Editor,

Data integrity, protection and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) were the themes at the heart of Honeywell Process Solutions’ IoT analytics presentations and product introductions at the HUG 2016 conference.  One of Honeywell’s primary topics was the development of an IIoT ecosystem, which brings together Honeywell’s advanced data analytics, cloud technology and deep domain experience in automation, with process technology providers and original equipment manufacturers.  This ecosystem was tangible at the conference demonstration area, where partners, including Honeywell UOP, Flowserve, Seeq and Meshify, were demonstrating integrated solutions under the Honeywell vision.  Honeywell, in turn, is making it easier for these partners to connect and interact with their software using OPC UA interfaces. “We’re making the business case for efficiency, reliability and safety gains. It’s an evolution, not a revolution,”   HPS president Vimal Kapur explained to attendees. In addressing the security and data integrity concerns that come along with IIoT, Honeywell also showcased a new release of its Cyber Security Risk Manager technology, along with Application Whitelisting and device control services.

Uniformance Suite

One of the related offerings that Honeywell showcased was their Uniformance Suite, a software series designed to integrate with Honeywell control systems and other advanced application software. A foundation of this series, the Uniformance Asset Sentinel is an offering designed for process health and equipment monitoring.  Features of the Uniformance Asset Sentinel include:

  • A Plant Reference Model which provides a multi-level equipment hierarchy to model users’ plant and equipment structure.  Uniformance Asset Sentinel supports a variety of data interfaces required for a complete view of asset health or performance.  
  • Calculation Engine Software which supports an easy-to-use, fourth-generation scripting language to perform simple-to-complex statistical calculations and data manipulation. 
  • An event detection environment, designed for situations requiring immediate attention and follow-up, helps identify issues based on user-defined rules and checks to trigger alerts and warnings. 
  • Uniformance Insight software for visualization that correlates historian information along with KPIs and an asset database all in one tool, and enables easy collaboration with others.

Users can access all critical process and event data anytime, anywhere using visualization tools to quickly gain process insights.  Advanced analytics features enable early detection, allowing operators to proactively address equipment and process issues.

Corporately, Honeywell’s CEO, Dave Cote, advocated that software is an important focus for the company.  He shared his view that saw digital disruption as a good thing, which provided Honeywell with opportunities to excel in domain knowledge. From these presentations and offerings, it is clear that software has become a major part of Honeywell’s portfolio, with the company embracing the shift in the world from digital-to-digital to digital-to-physical.  Honeywell has 23,000 engineers, and now uses over half of those engineers to develop software for simulation, product enablement, and other functions.

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