ISA Calls for Papers for its 2013 Division Symposia |

ISA Calls for Papers for its 2013 Division Symposia

October 25, 2012 - The International Society of Automation (ISA) today released the dates, locations and Call-for-Papers deadlines for ISA’s Division Symposia taking place between April–September 2013 in various locations across the USA.
ISA Division Symposia offer outstanding learning, personal development, networking and social opportunities. Attendees meet face to face with renowned experts and presenters, and gain the high-value, peer-reviewed technical content needed to stay on the cutting edge.
Below is a chronological listing, along with the pertinent details, of each ISA event scheduled for 2013. 
58th ISA Analysis Division Symposium
14-18 April 2013
Galveston Island Convention Center
Hilton Galveston Island Resort
Galveston, Texas USA
Call-for-Papers deadline: 23 November 2012
ISA’s 58th Analysis Division Symposium, to be held in historical Galveston, Texas, will feature another exceptional agenda to educate attendees on new and innovative processes, analytical techniques, and industry developments and applications.
This long-running, well-attended symposium year after year attracts some of the field’s leading experts who provide indispensable training classes and technical presentations. Core topics for 2013 will include sampling, chromatography, spectroscopy, chemiluminescence, and other analytical techniques. Exhibits of current analytical instrumentation will be available during morning and afternoon breaks, at lunch time, and after the technical presentations.
59th International Instrumentation Symposium and MFPT 2013
13-17 May 2013
Wyndham Cleveland at Playhouse Square
Cleveland, Ohio USA
Call-for-Papers deadline: 12 November 2012
For 2013, ISA is partnering with the Machinery Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT) Society to offer a valuable combined event called the 59th International Instrumentation Symposium and MFPT 2013.
By bringing together the expertise, perspectives and strengths of two premier industry organizations, attendees will experience a truly unique and remarkable gathering on instrumentation, prognostics and health management.
To be held in lively downtown Cleveland, the symposium will showcase instrumentation techniques, applications and technologies across industries as well as incorporate MFPT’s focus on the practical application of health management across the entire field of engineering.
13th ISA LDAR-Fugitive Emissions Symposium
21-23 May 2013
New Orleans Marriott
New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Call-for-Papers deadline: 3 December 2012
The 13th ISA LDAR-Fugitive Emissions Symposium is the air compliance industry’s premier conference, focused on sharing best practices for meeting regulatory requirements of and implementing Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) programs.
Attendees are assured of receiving the latest news, LDAR regulations, and technical updates through targeted meetings with governmental regulators and leading industry experts. Numerous tutorials, panel sessions, and networking opportunities allow for extensive face-to-face discussions and interaction with both government representatives and industry colleagues.
2013 Communications Division Symposium
21-23 May 2013
Hotel: TBD
Washington D.C. USA
Call-for-Papers deadline: 14 January 2013
Given the rapid changes occurring in communications and the fact that communications is the lifeblood of today’s automated and industrial environments, attending the 2013 Communications Division Symposium is an essential way to keep pace in this dynamic field.
All of the key issues and emerging trends in the area of communications will be addressed in this meeting. Nationally recognized experts will help provide perspective and sort out the maze of information relating to equipment, software, and protocols involved with transmitting, reporting, and processing real-time data.
56th ISA POWID Symposium
2-7 June 2013
Rosen Centre Hotel
Orlando, Florida USA
Call-for-Papers deadline: 15 January 2013
ISA’s 56th POWID (Power Industry Division) Symposium will attract power generation leaders throughout the globe to impart their insights and knowledge relating to the latest developments in instrumentation, controls, cybersecurity, Smart Grid, regulation, and variable energy technologies.
Each year, this international gathering—the largest single event of its type in the world—provides the ideal forum for discussing the critical issues in power generation delivery, with particular attention given to examining innovations and trends in instrumentation and controls. More than 50 technical papers and presentations are expected to be delivered during joint, fossil fuel- and nuclear power-oriented sessions.
2013 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium
6-8 August 2013
Hotel: TBD
Orlando, Florida USA
Call-for-Papers deadline: 15 December 2012
The 2013 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium is a three day, solution-focused gathering to help professionals in the water and wastewater industry meet crucial automation and instrumentation challenges.
Concentrated attention is placed on explaining how instrumentation, SCADA, and automatic control applications affect the essential processing and distribution of water treatment. Other topics covered include new technologies, optimization, system integration, alarm management, HMI, human factors, and plant successes. The event provides an excellent opportunity to keep in step with sector changes and trends.
8th ISA Marketing and Sales Summit
11-13 September 2013
Hotel: TBD
New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Call-for-Papers deadline: 15 April 2013
The 8th ISA Marketing and Sales Summit is designed to assist senior sales and marketing professionals in the automation markets improve their strategic and tactical skills, and better meet the needs and expectations of their customers and prospects.
The event will be spearheaded by widely acclaimed speakers and marketing and sales experts who will direct attendees to successful, proven strategies and tactics, and outline a roadmap toward achievable results. Specific steps will reveal in detail how to build and maintain a more effective, customer-focused organization, and how to thrive in today’s demanding automation and control markets.
About ISA
Founded in 1945, the International Society of Automation is a leading, global, nonprofit organization that is setting the standard for automation by helping over 30,000 worldwide members and other professionals solve difficult technical problems, while enhancing their leadership and personal career capabilities. Based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, ISA develops standards, certifies industry professionals, provides education and training, publishes books and technical articles, and hosts conferences and exhibitions for automation professionals. ISA is the founding sponsor of the Automation Federation.
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