Safety vs. Productivity: Can You Have Both? |

Safety vs. Productivity: Can You Have Both?

When it comes to machine safety, we regularly hear plant personnel worry safety procedures and controls will affect their line’s productivity. It’s a legitimate concern, but it’s also a myth that safety procedures will ultimately hinder plant efficiency. A common struggle we see in the field is the battle between a client’s safety and production teams. Our Safety Solution Group not only focuses on making your assets safe, but also functional too. We understand that functional requirements cannot be jeopardized while attempting to achieve safety compliance. At Frakes Engineering, we call this functional machine safety.

This approach allows plants to gain safety while not risking productivity loss. Functional machine safety is achieved when the necessary level of standardized safety is reached without harming a machine’s performance. The goal is to not only increase safety, but also productivity. With increases to your productivity, you could see a return on your investment within a few years of installation all while being safe. Understanding what functional requirements are needed for your process will always be a case by case assessment of your assets. Knowing and understanding these “must have” requirements while implementing safety is extremely important. Appropriate safety standards can be reached while looking to increase the productivity and quality of the process. Because of this, we will always recommend the first step in the journey to safety be an assessment. Our safety solutions group recommends starting your journey with a risk assessment performed by one of our functional machine safety engineers.

After your machinery has been assessed, we can begin to work with your team to design an appropriate solution for your plant’s assets. During and after assessment, we will work with your team to identify current challenges to best fit a solution for your current set of challenges-+. Our end goal is to deliver safety solutions that meet standards and compliance without jeopardizing machine functionality. If you’re interested in getting a risk assessment done by one of our functional machine safety engineers, visit to learn more.

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