Schenker installs Noax vehicle terminals |

Schenker installs Noax vehicle terminals

Schenker installs Noax vehicle terminals

November 5, 2015 - At Schenker Deutschland, noax forklift terminals now guarantee seamless data transfer for fulfillment right up to the production line. At the heart of the communication between the warehouse and central IT facilities is a reliable WLAN connection.

The noax WLAN solution ensures data transmission even in completely closed forklifts where reception problems are common due to the Faraday effect. Separate antennas located outside the vehicle make the connection via the connector area. There is a protected cable guide from the forklift terminal to the outside antenna on the roof.

Schenker was already using industrial PCs and WLAN in their warehouse. The forklift terminal by noax has reception everywhere and can process the channel transitions seamlessly.

With the choice of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency bands, WLAN has been an option for noax industrial PCs for years. WLAN eliminates the expense of LAN cables and is great for mobile or stationary applications. The integrated WLAN antennas allow for easy installation in both types of applications.  They are specifically ideal for vehicle terminals where space is limited. The integration of the antennas into the PC enclosure offers protection from harsh elements.

The integrated antennas provide continuous data transmission without interruptions. The antennas offer better reception and transmission power. The optimal design and orientation of the WLAN antennas deliver excellent roaming capabilities for mobile applications.

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