TiPS User Conference to be held April 17-19 |

TiPS User Conference to be held April 17-19

The TiPS User Conference, April 17-19, 2007 in Austin, TX, will host an alarm management panel seated by the current "who's who" in alarm management. Founding members of the ASM Consortium; contributing authors of the EEMUAR 191 guideline; people who have been involved with assessment and analysis of the world's most notorious incidents and who remain on the leading edge of alarm and upset management. Doug Rothenberg, David Strobhar, Ian Nimmo, and Bridget Fitzpatrick will discuss, debate, and respond to questions about current and future trends in alarm management. If you have any interest in alarm management or are currently planning or working on an alarm management program, this will be a unique opportunity to talk with knowledgeable, published, practicing experts in the field.

Doug Rothenberg: Doug is an expert in alarm management technology, serving as the lead technical controls representative of BP Amoco to the EEMUA 191 task force and the ASM Consortium.

He later founded the D-RoTH engineering firm, which specializes in DCS alarm management and DCS operator display design. Doug is the alarm management training resource for the ISAR.

Ian Nimmo: A well respected expert in the control room environment and its impact on operations, Ian is President of User Centered Design Services. Ian was a founder and the initial Program Director of the ASM Consortium, following his 10 year tenure at Honeywell as Senior Engineer Fellow. Before that Ian was Section Manager and an Engineer for 20 years for Imperial Chemical.

Bridget Fitzpatrick: Bridget Fitzpatrick worked for Celanese AGR for 15 years, where she was involved with alarm management starting in 1994, and worked on several ASM Consortium documents.

She joined Mustang Engineering in 2003 and is the Practice Lead for HMI and Abnormal Condition Management.

David Strobhar: David is the founder and President of Beville Engineering which has conducted human factors analyses for all major oil companies, authoring numerous alarm & display standards. David's career began with GPU Nuclear, where he was charged with analysis of the incident at Three Mile Island. He is currently working on the creation of the Center for Operator Performance, an industry-academia collaboration to research human factors issues in process control.

About TiPS:
TiPS is a pioneer in alarm management software, producing the first version of LogMate in 1990. LogMate has been refined over 17 years and hundreds of installations around the globe. TiPS prides itself on quality, stable, feature-rich products that excel against the highest standards of value. TiPS is a thought leader in alarm management, committed to education and empowerment of our current and future clients.
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