WINA offers free Web Seminar March 28 |

WINA offers free Web Seminar March 28

WINA, the Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance, is launching a free web seminar series - and the first seminar will be on 28 March!

The first seminar, entitled "Introduction to Wireless for Industry," will focus on today's complicated wireless landscape. Called "the most fundamental improvement in process automation in decades" by ARC, wireless technology is revolutionizing the industry. With so many different flavors of technology, applications, and vendors, keeping up with the latest information about wireless can be difficult.

That's why WINA exists - to educate the industrial community about existing and emerging wireless technologies. This new web seminar series will change the way your company thinks about wireless - and best of all, it's coming to you at no cost!

Introduction to Wireless for Industry
"Introduction to Wireless for Industry" will be held at 11 a.m. EST/8 a.m. PST on Wednesday, 28 March. Presenters Hesh Kagen, Peter Fuhr (CTO, Apprion), and Rob Conant (VP, Business Development, Dust Networks) will cover the basics of wireless technology. The trio will also discuss the history of wireless, consumer and industrial wireless standards, wireless at the plant level, wireless justification and ROI, and some of the most popular applications of the technology.

If you're an engineer, IT or plant manager, or a user of industrial instrumentation, you can't afford to miss this seminar. Wireless will change the way you do business sooner rather than later, so get ahead of the curve and learn from the experts!

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Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: WGX8BP

Audio Dial-In Numbers:
*US/Canada Dial-in #: (888) 488-6285 (Toll Free)
*International/Local Dial-In #: (706) 634-1704 (Toll)

FIRST TIME USERS: To save time before the meeting, check your system to make sure it is compatible with Microsoft Office Live Meeting.

P.S. Stay tuned for future web seminars - including "Wireless in Industrial Facilities - Past & Present" and "802.15.4 -- It's History and Related Technology."

About WINA:
The Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance (WINA) is a coalition companies working together to promote wireless technology for industrial applications, to educate the industrial community about the benefits of wireless, and to accelerate the adoption of wireless in industry to enhance competitiveness, to increase plant safety, and to improve efficiency. WINA member companies include industrial end-user companies, equipment manufacturers, technology suppliers, industry organizations, software developers, and system integrators.
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