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300° Protection With SICK's New RLS 100 Presence Sensing Proximity Scanner

300° Protection With SICK's New RLS 100 Presence Sensing Proximity Scanner
The new RLS 100 is a revolutionary safety laser scanner available from SICK, featuring a 300 degree scanning range. Other highlights include a 19.7 ft (6 m) safety field, which allows safeguarding of a larger area than any other commonly available safety scanner on the market today. The RLS 100 is very economical because the wide scanning range means only one scanner is necessary in applications that previously required two scanners to cover the same area.

The RLS 100 can be used to safeguard work areas, i.e. protecting personnel or equipment from damage or injury, in stationary or mobile applications. Additional applications of the RLS 100 include safeguarding of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), assembly and production lines, overhead cranes, packaging machines, presses, loading stations, shuttles and fork lift trucks. An important advantage of the RLS 100 is that it can be placed on the corner of a machine for protection on two sides simultaneously.

The depth of the protective field is up to 19. 7 ft (6 m) and the warning field is up to 32.8 ft (10 m) deep. These fields can be freely defined. Both fields can be programmed via SICK’s Configuration and Diagnostic Software (CDS) tool. The size and shape of these fields can be defined to meet specific application requirements. The device scans its surroundings in two dimensions. When personnel or objects are detected by the RLS 100, a corresponding switching signal given out via the integrated relay contact directly switches off the hazardous machine movement.

SICK’s new RLS 100 safety laser scanner complies with safety standard IEC/EN 61496, Type 3 and can monitor stationary and mobile work places without any contact through a scanning angle of 300 degrees. The RLS 100 has a resolution of 2.8 in (70 mm) at the maximum safety field of 6 meters. The RLS 100 features simple connection to machines via relay contacts. The compact design requires no maintenance and has an enclosure rating of IP 65.

SICK is a worldwide manufacturer of factory and process automation sensor technology. With over 350 patents in industrial sensors, safety systems and automatic identification solutions, SICK continues to lead the industry in new product innovations. The diversity of its product line allows SICK to offer solutions at every phase of production in the automotive, packaging, electronics, food and beverage and material handling markets. SICK was founded in 1946 and has operations or representation in 65 countries worldwide.

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