Aaxeon Ethernet switches receive UL Class I, Division 2 Certification

June 09, 2009 - Aaxeon Technologies announces that its Lanolinx Industrial Ethernet Switches and Optolinx Industrial Media Converters received Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) Class I, Division 2 Certification for operation in hazardous environments typically associated with oil & gas, mining, and petrochemical industry applications.

Hazardous environments are defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC) as those areas where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable gases or vapor, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers or flyings.

In these types of applications, finding electronic products to install in environments where flammable gases, vapors, or liquids become fairly difficult. Electronic products must meet certain requirements and obtain special certifications in order to be used in these environments. By acquiring Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) certification for Class 1, Division 2 applications, Lanolinx and Optolinx products are now UL/cUL approved to be used in these types of hazardous locations.

Below is a list of current Industrial Ethernet Switches & Media Converters that are UL Class I, Division 2 Certified, with more products to follow in the future.

  • LNX-501A-M
  • LNX-501A-S3
  • LNX-602A-M
  • LNX-602A-S3
  • LNX-500A
  • LNX-500A-T
  • LNX-800A
  • LNX-800A-T
  • LNX-1802GN
  • LNX-1802GN-T
  • LNX-804GN
  • IMC-100A-M
  • IMC-100A-M-T
  • IMC-100A-S3
  • IMC-100A-S3-T
  • IMC-1000A-SFP
  • IMC-1000A-SFP-T

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