ABB Low Voltage Products Roadshow Visits Philadelphia, Up Next Chicago, Portland & Southern California |

ABB Low Voltage Products Roadshow Visits Philadelphia, Up Next Chicago, Portland & Southern California

June 222005
When Results-Driven Power Control Roadshow visits Philadelphia, customers see products/solutions in action and say, "Yes, that's exactly what I need, want to do!"

PHILADELPHIA, PA, June 22, 2005 . . . The ABB Low Voltage Products Roadshow, flying under the umbrella, "Results-Driven Power Control," respects the reality that fewer people attend large, national trade shows and so takes the wide berth of ABB drives and controls directly to customers in key regional locations. The convenience and saved time for end users and the ABB channel partners serving them is dramatic. The approximately 100 customers and 60 manufacturer's reps and personnel visiting the recent Roadshow in Philadelphia, for example, all work within a 200-mile radius of the city.

Seeing, Talking, and Believing! -
The shows also bring face-to-face these customers with all the experts on the nearly 15 ABB product lines on exhibit at each show. This is opportune, with customers providing very direct inputs to product line managers and marketing personnel on what their existing and future requirements are. This occurs across tables at mealtimes, throughout the technical Workshops held on Customer Day (day 2) of each show, and as customers and ABB personnel profile and discuss the product lines on the exhibit floor throughout the day. Away from office and usual place of work, the shows bring together customers and ABB personnel, without distractions.

"I didn't know you also offer that!" is an exclamation heard again and again from Roadshow visitors. One ABB drives end user visiting the exhibit of circuit breakers at the Philadelphia show turned to his rep and asked if ABB could mount those in an enclosure for him.

The answer: "Absolutely." It is the quality, built-in features, advanced technology, and sheer breadth of low voltage products that impresses these visitors. It is also seeing and having the hands-on interaction with products that, yes, they may have heard about, but now realize they really can utilize in their own automation solutions.

Yes, That's What We Want/Need to Do! -
"This focus on customers, from the openness to building strong relationships, to the exhibits and the working demos in the Low Voltage Products Demo Trailer, is palpable," notes Kurt Schaffer, regional vice president for the ABB LVP sales team. "And when ABB helps customers save money, increase production, improve efficiency, automate processes and keep pace with their competition, this also helps ABB grow and prosper."

The trailer (a first at this Roadshow), fitted with a variety of demos that showcase drive and control products in action, tapped directly into customers' needs, said Cliff Cole, director of marketing, ABB LV Drives. "That is exactly what we are doing (or want to do)," customers would say in response to a demo that quantified energy savings, or showed the variety of starting options for a mechanical process.

The experience of seeing that many product solutions all in one room, and all available through a single sales contact from the LVP combined sales team can only "help bring ABB to the front of these Roadshow visitors' minds, next time they are looking for additional automation solutions," Cole said. "Their seeing really is believing, and that is what makes these Roadshows valuable." Both ABB Process Automation and ABB Instrumentation also had exhibits on the floor for this Show another first that expanded the universe of Automation Products on the floor.

Workshops for customers last 45 minutes and are designed to provide concrete training and technical information on applications and procedures from sizing motors to wireless sensor control of flexible automation equipment. "The shows create an environment in which controls opportunities get identified for drives users, and controls users identify applications in which they could utilize drives," Cole said.

Gathering Feedback -
In addition to Customer Day, ABB factory personnel, and the regional vice president and district sales managers who comprise the sales team working with ABB sales partners, manufacturer's representatives and distributors, also attend Channel Partner Day (day one).

"Personnel from both ABB's Wichita Falls and New Berlin facilities are able to collect, firsthand, the feedback directly from customers and partners," notes Steve Goble, who directs marketing at ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems (controls). "And the shows both build camaraderie between personnel supporting the sales team and demonstrate vividly how factory and marketing personnel are supporting local sales efforts. The sharing among all of these parties, in the interest of reaching more customers with more ABB solutions, is tremendous."

Partner Day includes thorough introductions of all current product lines, new items and developments. "It's structured to ensure that our reps and distributors are as close as possible to factory developments," notes Goble.

Through a breakout session separate from product exhibits, sales partners also are introduced to ABB's marketing plans and long-term commitments to growth in the marketplace. The session also includes a profile of how local distributors are selling both drive and control solutions to end users. And a Q & A session opens up the opportunity for local sales partners to share competitive news, and articulate what they need. "This venue, as well as Customer Day workshops, allow partners and customers to ask questions, very tough ones, sometimes and get direct answers from their local district sales managers," according to Goble. "This openness helps strengthen trust and relationships through the distribution channel, which we are deeply committed to."

The combination of both internal education of partners and external education of customers to the availability of more solutions is gaining momentum with each Roadshow. "There are situations in which our distributors are requesting to add other product lines," said Goble. "We consider those an opportunity and they are reviewed very seriously."

Still in the Market Even After Show is Gone -
After Roadshows, whenever possible, the LVP Trailer will stay in the market so that local/regional distributors can use it to showcase LV Products for additional customers. "The trailers are portable and can be powered up in a parking lot, so they lend themselves to helping showcase ABB technology and product solutions, even after the formal Roadshow ends," said Cole.

Future U.S. Roadshows are planned this year for locations that include Chicago, Portland, and Southern California.

ABB Inc., Automation Technologies, Low-Voltage Drives, is the world's largest manufacturer of electric motors and drives ( And ABB Inc., Automation Technologies, Low-Voltage Products & Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of controls products
( ABB Low-Voltage Products now offers both drives and controls products from a single point of sales contact.

ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 115,000 people.
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