Advantech Introduces ADAM-6000 I/O Series - Remote Monitoring and Control for Process Measurement |

Advantech Introduces ADAM-6000 I/O Series - Remote Monitoring and Control for Process Measurement

September 242003
Monitor and control your most commonly measured process control variables with Advantech’s line of ADAM-6000 analog input modules.

Featuring built-in web page, 10/100BaseT Ethernet with Modbus/TCP and UDP protocols, the ADAM-6000 series integrates I/O data, data acquisition and networking into one cost-effective module.

Each ADAM-6000 module features an embedded HTTP web server for remote monitoring and diagnostics. With a built-in default web page, users can monitor and control their process I/O anywhere through a standard browser. In addition, users can replace the standard web page with one of their own design using JAVA code.

While providing a truly open, accessible network for the exchange of process data, Advantech’s modules are tailored to the specific needs of process monitoring.

· The ADAM-6015 6-channel RTD input module, provides a perfect platform for temperature measurement via Ni, Pt, and Balco RTD elements. The module provides 16-bit A/D conversionswith an accuracy of .05% or better.

· The ADAM-6018 thermocouple input module is well suited for temperature measurement. With eight channels for thermocouple inputs and a 8 channels of Digital Outputs, the ADAM-6018 provides measurement via Type J, K, S, B, T, etc. thermocouples and alarm outputs for low or high temperature trip points. It offers16-bit A/D conversions with an accuracy rate of 0.1% or better.

· The ADAM-6022 PID Loop Controller offers two PID loops for flow or temperature control via 4-20mA inputs and 4-20mA outputs. With 16-bit A/D conversions, the ADAM-6022 is a highly accurate loop controller.

· The ADAM-6017 analog input module is ideal for flow, pressure and weight measurements via 4-20mA or 0-10V signals. A 16-bit A/D converter ensures accurate process measurement.

Advantech’s ADAM-6000 series is a stable and reliable choice for all your process control monitoring needs, combining a versatile, scalable and ubiquitous physical network (Ethernet) with a universal networking standard (TCP/IP) and a vendor-neutral data representation (MODBUS).

For more information on the ADAM-6000 Series or any of Advantech’s products visit Call center: 877-294-8989. [email protected].
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