Advantech’s AStudio V5.1 Runs Windows XP and Supports Microsoft’s .Net Architecture |

Advantech’s AStudio V5.1 Runs Windows XP and Supports Microsoft’s .Net Architecture

May 162003
Advantech’s  AStudio V5.1 Runs Windows XP and Supports Microsoft’s .Net Architecture
SCADA/HMI software provides collaboration and Web browser connectivity for control systems and embedded devices.

One of the most powerful , integrated collections of automation tools has become even better with the release of Advantech’s A-Studio V5.1 SCADA/HMI development system. Building on the success of Advantech Studio V5.0, Advantech’s A-Studio version V5.1 is Microsoft .NET technology compliant, runs under Windows XP, and supports the newest OCX version of OLE controls. A-Studio allows OEMs and end users to create Web-enabled SCADA and HMI systems for process control, automation, and embedded controls. Advantech Studio is well suited for OEMs, offering a built-in software update capability and remote debugging tools. A free, downloadable demo version is available on the Advantech Web site.

A-Studio V5.1 runs under Microsoft Windows XP, and has the XP look and feel. Like XP, A-Studio V5.1 allows for two visual styles in the development environment. One is XP, with its animated buttons and tabs; the other is the classic Windows style, with windows and dialog boxes appearing in the familiar way. Either visual style can be used when developing SCADA/HMI applications that can run on Windows NT, 2000, XP, or CE, or on the Web.

A-Studio provides ActiveX support for the Windows CE operating system and Browser-Based Thin Clients, and supports OCX, the third and most recent version of OLE controls. OCX has enhancements that facilitate distribution of components over networks. By using OCX, A-Studio gives Web connectivity and browser capability to control and HMI software, including systems embedded in Windows CE devices, such as the WebLink and WebOIT companion products.
Enhanced graphics include the ability to create 3D images for objects, thus allowing images to have a more realistic look. Graphic images can be resized to fit a display. Other graphic enhancements include grid lines, sizing handles, and “snap-to-grid,” which makes placing and sizing images, columns, and text quick and simple.

OEM Benefits
In addition to allowing OEMs to embed Web-enabled and .NET-compliant control systems into devices, A-Studio V5.1 provides remote software update capabilities and debugging tools. An OEM can distribute and update user software from a central server, eliminating the need to ship software packages. With the proper security privileges, OEMs can also remotely view, debug, and update their customer’s applications, eliminating the need to send service technicians to a customer site.

For example, using A-Studio V5.1, an OEM could embed a web-enabled HMI system in a “smart” instrument or control device. After the sale, the OEM could interrogate the device over the Internet, monitor and debug it if problems arise, and download upgraded software to all customers when new versions become available.
This capability also allows users to remotely monitor and debug their applications, force tag values, update software, and record OPC, DDE, TCP/IP transactions remotely via a TCP/IP link to the Web, and take advantage of the latest operating systems and architectures from Microsoft. Download a free demo version at:
For more information about Advantech Studio or any of Advantech’s other products visit Call center: 877-294-8989. [email protected].
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