Airpot publishes pneumatics brochure |

Airpot publishes pneumatics brochure

Airpot publishes pneumatics brochure

May 9, 2013 - Airpot publishes pneumatics a brochure describing its Accurate Force Pneumatics (AFP) packages.The literature allows design engineers to select and specify the components necessary to design accurate pneumatic force control systems utilizing clean regulated air, proportional pressure control and precise actuation combined, at a lower cost than purchasing the individual components.

Airpot’s President, Mark Gaberman explains “Our actuation products achieve levels of accuracy not available pneumatically from any other source and we perceived the need to help designers create systems that optimize that existing capability. Our AFP packages fill that need and do so with greater convenience and at a lower cost than individually specified components. ”Airpot AFPs help designers utilize Airpot’s line of highly accurate self-aligning actuators, Airpel Anti-Stiction cylinders and Airpot –AB zero friction air cylinder actuators in applications in which the need exists to move, hold, support or press with repeatable and accurate low force over a wide temperature range without lubrication and with nearly unlimited life.

The literature addresses the system components needed from the initial air supply devices to the pressure regulation products and finally the actuators providing the accurate force desired. The AFP selection guide section enables designers to choose from among a variety of Airpot air supply products including Airpot’s double filter/ regulators  (FFR) to supply clean, dry filtered air. Also included are products for proportional pneumatic pressure regulation to precisely control the output pressure being supplied to the system actuators. Airpot’s wide variety of air actuators complete the system with low and zero-friction models available.  Airpot’s engineers will be happy to assist in recommending the proper products for your pneumatic force control system needs.   

Airpot optimized system components are matched to insure optimum performance and lowest cost, so OEM designers and engineers involved in research and development, high level testing, high tech micro machining, polishing or grinding equipment or precision assembly will find pre-selected systems components provide most of the functions needed between the air supply and the force output system.  Actuation objectives can be achieved while saving research and development time.

Each of Airpot’s four major product groups, damping, actuation, displacement and optimized pneumatic systems, offers instrument quality pneumatic devices uniquely designed and optimized for highly accurate and repeatable force control and smooth motion. Airpot Corp. manufactures precision Air Dashpots, Snubbers, Pneumatic Actuators, Airpel Anti-Stiction Air Cylinders and -AB Air Bearing Actuators. Airpot welcomes custom requirements and works with customers to adapt products to suit their individual application needs. Value added sub-assembly services are also a specialty. Airpot Corp. is a trusted supplier to many of the world’s most prestigious original equipment manufacturers.


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