ams announces acquisition of Incus Laboratories |

ams announces acquisition of Incus Laboratories

ams announces acquisition of Incus Laboratories

December 19, 2016 – ams, a provider of sensor solutions and analog ICs, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Incus Laboratories Ltd, a held provider of intellectual property (IP) for digital active noise cancellation in headphones and earphones.

The acquisition of Incus strengthens ams’ position in the market for Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) solutions where ams is currently the supplier of analog ANC to headphone and earphone OEMs. ams will leverage Incus’ IP, its expertise in acoustic characterization and its suite of noise cancellation system design tools for a new range of digital ANC solutions.

ams’ existing analog ANC products offer acoustic performance and low power consumption while its upcoming digital offerings will provide additional benefits in system cost and size, and improved design flexibility. Backed by Incus’ design tool suite and acoustic characterization technology, ams’ digital ANC solutions will offer OEMs implementation by eliminating the need to configure and assemble a hardware filter network of passive components tailored to each headphone or earphone design.

Incus’ IP can run on a variety of general-purpose DSP cores while providing the core ANC functionality in DSP-based solutions found in many bundled and aftermarket earphones and headphones today. Incus solutions are notable for their high level of noise attenuation across a broad frequency range, benefiting from sophisticated phase-shift technology which compensates for latency in the digital signal processing chain. Incus’ IP also supports the use of advanced speakers and micro-speakers for outstanding Hi-Fi quality audio reproduction.

ams will take full ownership of Incus which is based in Buckinghamshire, UK , including all of its patent-protected IP. The parties to the transaction have agreed to keep the consideration confidential. Incus’ staff, including the founders and executive management team, will transfer to ams. ams will continue the existing Incus IP licensing business and looks forward to working with partners to meet the needs of this expanding market.

The existing ams portfolio of analog ANC solutions includes products based on feed-forward, feedback and hybrid topologies, in both single-ended stereo and mono bridge tied load (BTL) versions.

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