Andrew Withers appointed Technical Director for Rotork Controls |

Andrew Withers appointed Technical Director for Rotork Controls

Andrew Withers appointed Technical Director for Rotork Controls

June 6, 2012 - Andrew Withers has been appointed Technical Director for Rotork Controls, the electric valve actuation division of the Rotork flow control engineering group. In his new position he will be responsible for new product development and research functions involving all of Rotork’s electric actuator product lines.

Andrew will be taking over from Graham Ogden who, as Rotork Group Research and Development Director, will now focus on developments encompassing all of the Rotork Group divisions – Controls, Fluid Systems, Gears and Instruments – as well as directing specific strategic group programmes.

Andrew (33) joined Rotork in 2002 as a Graduate Electronics Design Engineer following the award of a First Class Honours Degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. His work has been closely involved with major product developments embracing Rotork’s intelligent IQ electric actuators, the SI/EH electro-hydraulic actuator ranges and the innovative CVA electric control valve actuator.

Promoted to Senior Engineer in 2009, he became Electronics Design Manager in 2011, where he has played a major part in the introduction of the third generation flagship Rotork IQ range of intelligent electric valve actuators.
The Rotork flow control group is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of industrial valve actuators, valve control systems, valve accessories and precision control instruments. Rotork’s global network of over 350 offices and representatives provides a localised single source for these products, supported by life-of-plant maintenance, repair and upgrade services.

Rotork Controls is Rotork’s electric valve actuation division, offering an electrical solution to industrial valve control and actuation applications of virtually any size, description or complexity. Rotork Controls’ range of market-leading products, led by the flagship IQ range of intelligent actuators with ‘non-intrusive’ commissioning and data communication technologies, offers a robust and economic solution for every valve duty and operating environment.

Rotork’s three other divisions comprise Rotork Fluid Systems, specialising in pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and control systems, Rotork Gears, manufacturing valve gearboxes and accessories, and Rotork Instruments, manufacturing products for flow and pressure measurement and control.

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