Animatics Releases New 2005 Servo Products Catalog |

Animatics Releases New 2005 Servo Products Catalog

July 062005
Animatics Releases New 2005 Servo Products Catalog
Animatics, the world leader and patent holder for integrated servo motors has released the industry’s first catalog to feature both integrated servos built on traditional high speed brushless SmartMotor™ servo motor platforms as well as the new fully commutated “servoed” ServoStep™ step motor platforms in one catalog.

Machine designers, engineers, programmers and users will appreciate the many choices from NEMA frames 17 through 42. There are many selection criteria available ranging from high speed to high torque requirements as well as the fact that all products use a common command set. Both the ServoStep and SmartMotor products come with a wide range of accessories and the new SMI2 interface software.

Lower costs are available in many applications that currently require gearheads due to the low speed/high torque characteristics of the new ServoStep products.

Additional new products featured in this catalog are the RTC-4000, stand alone servo controller, special cables, interface devices and JenCNC. JenCNC is a new CNC host level software choice for those using G-Codes and CAD/CAM software to drive "cabinet-free" fabricating machines using SmartMotors.

Animatics Corporation is the world leader in integrated motion control. Animatics is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and designs, manufacturers, and markets motion control products for industries ranging from semiconductor, nuclear, automotive and machine tool to traditional industries such as CNC. Animatics' strength lies in using technological innovation to meet complete solutions for motion control.

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