Application of ISA-88 Standards Extends Beyond Batch |

Application of ISA-88 Standards Extends Beyond Batch

May 092005
Research Triangle Park, NC (9 May 2005) - The ISA-88 series of standards are now being applied well beyond batch.

A working group sponsored by the ISA SP-88 Committee and the World Batch Forum (WBF) is undertaking a new initiative to help users apply the principles explained in the ISA-88 standards in non-batch applications. The effort is also intended to be compatible with the ISA-95 series of manufacturing integration standards. This combined approach is expected to enable end users to better apply both the ISA-88 and ISA-95 series principles to various manufacturing industries, as well as extend savings and benefits already realized by the batch industries into both discrete and continuous manufacturing environments.

Although originally developed to address batch control issues, the ISA-88 series of standards has often been applied to continuous and discrete manufacturing, packaging lines and other manufacturing applications. This effort will clarify and make these non-batch applications easier to implement for end users.

One of the key benefits offered in this initiative is modularity, allowing lower engineering and training costs and flexibility for more production capability. Other benefits include the use of standard-based procedure models to meet changing operations requirements, improvements in the consistency and quality of products, and improved control over the manufacturing process.

Because the structure of the batch standard mirrors the structure required for flexible manufacturing, the ISA-88 principles can be extended to many continuous as well as discrete applications. The standard is flexible and, depending on the functionality required, can be adapted to many different types of applications. The Make2Pack working group has allowed subgroups of OMAC and the ISA SP-88 committee to work together to find ways to apply these standards based principles to machine based control.

Lynn Craig, Chair of ISA SP-88, commented, "In order to be successful in today's environment, the integration of manufacturing systems and business systems is vital. This requires a reasonably consistent manufacturing control structure. For that and many other reasons, more and more industrial users are turning to the ISA-88 series of standards for that consistency. It’s not just for batch anymore."

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