ARC Conducts OPC Foundation Awareness and Usage Study |

ARC Conducts OPC Foundation Awareness and Usage Study

Houston ISA 2003 — October 21, 2003— The OPC Foundation announced that it has commissioned ARC to produce an OPC market awareness and OPC usage study. The report is available for download from the OPC Foundation web site at market study.htm.

“ARC is a well-respected market research organization with international reach and recognition and we expect to provide our OPC worldwide membership with information on OPC Technology adoption, direction and overall OPC awareness”, stated Russ Agrusa, Marketing Committee Chairman of the OPC Foundation.

The OPC Foundation contracted ARC to produce two unique market studies. The first study was designed to determine OPC market awareness in the industrial and manufacturing market space. The second study is focused on past, present and future adoption of OPC technology. “This study is much more quantifiable giving OPC Foundation members the industry statistics and market trends on how OPC technology is being adopted in manufacturing and automation projects”, stated Russ Agrusa, OPC Foundation, Marketing Committee Chairmen and Board Member.

"The ARC Advisory Group is working closely with the OPC Foundation, and in doing a market awareness study, has uncovered several key market indicators and trends that will help both the OPC Foundation management and membership plan key new initiatives", stated Craig Resnick, ARC Research Director. ARC has discovered that OPC Technology awareness is at an all time high, with 84% of respondents stating they are very familiar with OPC. Other market trends indicate that OPC Technology is now the preferred method of connectivity for 78% of Production Management and MES applications, 75% of HMI/SCADA applications, 68% of DCS/PLC applications, and 53% of ERP/Enterprise systems level applications. ARC expects these trends to continue to grow higher over the next five years, increasing the percentages above and also expanding preferred connectivity to the Subsystem, Component, and Sensor levels as well."

The OPC Foundation is a nonprofit international standards organization dedicated to providing standards for interoperability in industrial automation. The OPC specifications are open and interoperable interface standards that leverage the functionality and technology of the Microsoft operating systems and architecture (that the standards were originally based and conceived on), and also leverage the technology of XML and Web services (as the key to interoperability between factory floor and the enterprise). The specifications have been created through a collaboration of leading worldwide automation and hardware software supplier's cooperating together to solve critical end-user interoperability problems. For more information, refer to the OPC Foundation web site at

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