ASI Announces August Product of the Month - AC Outlet Power Module

August 022005
ASI Announces August Product of the Month - AC Outlet Power Module
Carlisle, PA – Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. earlier this year announced a program called, “Product of the Month”. This program is being used to launch new products, to provide information to customers on very popular products, and to offer a special purchase incentive for one month to those customers interested in this product.

So far this year, customers have had the opportunity to earn extra discounts on sensors, sensor boxes, circuit breakers, power supplies, and terminal blocks. The response to this program has been excellent as it not only provides valuable information but also gives the customer an added financial reason to try these new innovative products from ASI.

For the month of August, the product(s) that are highlighted in this program are the DIN rail mounted outlet modules. These modules are available in a single and a double outlet version. ASI has even made custom variations for customers based on their application requirements. The IMAC modules feature a compact space saving design, easy to wire terminal block connections, and UL recognition at 30 – 12 AWG at 15 Amps. Additionally, ASI has designed these modules with double-level terminal blocks which provide the customer with an extra set of terminals to bring power to other devices, such as power supplies. The AC outlet modules are a sure way for customers to save time, space, and money when an outlet is required in a piece of equipment or on their panel.

Customers can call ASI toll-free at 877-650-5160 to request the “Special Promo Code” to be used during the month of August in order to receive an additional discount on these already very competitively priced outlet modules.

For additional product information, Contact ASI or visit their web site at