ASI introduces multiple wire terminal blocks |

ASI introduces multiple wire terminal blocks

ASI introduces multiple wire terminal blocks
Carlisle, Pa - August 8, 2006 - Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of their new Multiple Wire Terminal Blocks. These multiple wire blocks, sometimes called “twin conductor terminal blocks,” allow for the connection of two or more conductors to one terminal block. The ASI Twin and ASIUDK series accomplish the task of individually terminating two, three or four wires in one terminal block of the same circuit without the need for costly bridges. With a current rating up to 30 amps at 600 volts and a wiring capacity of 30 to 6 AWG, the ASI Twin and ASIUDK series are a good choice for applications that call for distributing power, redundant controllers or system components, or those that connect multiple devices in the same circuit.

The ASI Twin and ASIUDK series are a part of ASI’s new line of identical Phoenix Contact equivalent terminal blocks and accessories family. ASI is the first company to ever introduce terminal blocks that are identical equivalents to Phoenix Contact, Allen-Bradley and Weidmuller. All of these terminal blocks are identical in color, design, dimensions, specifications and materials. With a broad range of terminal blocks and accessories, ASI has a terminal block for almost any application.

Customers now have a true “equivalent” source and can save 30% to 50% and more by specifying the new equivalent terminal blocks. On the website there is a complete electronic cross-reference to Phoenix Contact, Weidmuller and Allen-Bradley along with prices and specifications. In addition, ASI provides rail assembly services to those companies that would prefer to purchase a fully completed assembly. The EZ Rail software program on the website assists the customer in developing a DIN rail terminal block assembly.
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