ASI Products Make Signal Conversion and Isolation EZ |

ASI Products Make Signal Conversion and Isolation EZ

ASI Products Make Signal Conversion and Isolation EZ
Signal Conversion ASI now offers one of the most versatile "Universal Analog Isolator-Converters" on the market. The CA-PI/PO features a compact design, din-rail mounting and pluggable connections. The user can easily program over 130 input/output signal combinations with the convenient dip-switches. Isolation is greater than 3kV, zero and span adjustments, an auxiliary supply for loop powered devices and auxiliary indication. All of these features and more, plus excellent quality at an outstanding Internet price. If you need more information on the CA-PI/PO or our RTD, thermocouple, frequency, alarm, or other modules, please go to

Use Sensors? The NPN/PNP Logic signal inverter from ASI can save the day. And also save time, money, and a lot of aggravation. This unique compact device easily mounts to a din rail and can get you out of a problem quickly and inexpensively. This CI-NPN/PNP module converts NPN signals to PNP and vice-versa. Many ASI customers keep this low-cost device on hand just to quickly solve the problem of incompatible signals when matching a sensor or other product to your controller. The specifications, availability, pricing, and other information can be found at Why wait until you have a problem? Order some of these problem solvers today.

Analog Signal Isolation Do you need to provide isolation for those important 4-20ma signals? Sometimes you do not require a full-blown converter/isolator in order to provide isolation for your control loops. If noise is your only problem then the new TWPAABT from ASI will do the job. It is very compact and mounts directly to a din next to you other control requirements. Check out this and all of the other innovative new products from ASI at
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