Aspectrics, Inc. Announces Intent to Set Up European Operations |

Aspectrics, Inc. Announces Intent to Set Up European Operations

Company to also exhibit its EP-IR technology at ACHEMA 2006 in May.

PLEASANTON, Calif., April 18, 2006 – Aspectrics, Inc., a leading supplier of Encoded Photometric Infrared Spectroscopy (EP-IR) analyzers, today announced that it plans to establish operations in Europe in the third quarter 2006. The company expects to begin hiring later this year.

“The first Encoded Photometric Infrared spectrometry evaluation units were well received by select European System Integrators and they are now ordering multiple units,” said Paul Salsgiver, Aspectrics’ CEO. “The European CEM market has now evolved to the point where we need to grow the business to add distribution and support capabilities in Europe to meet the growing demand.”

EP-IR spectrometry is a new rugged, cost effective IR technology for industrial process monitoring applications, designed to capture full spectrum information in the infrared region. This patented technology relies upon the postdispersive modulation of polychromatic IR light using a high speed rotating encoder disk and a single point detector.

Applications under development by Aspectrics’ European System Integrators include ambient air and stack gas monitoring, hydrocarbon processing, engine emission analysis, foods and semiconductor processes.

The company also announced that it will be exhibiting their new MultiComponent™ Analyzers based on their EP-IR technology at the ACHEMA conference in Frankfurt am Main, May 15-19th, 2006. Their booth will be in the process analyzer section, Hall 10.1, Booth number A33. On display will be the company’s two MIR units in the 2.5 – 5.0 and 2.85 – 5.75 um spectral ranges.

Also new at ACHEMA will be Aspectrics’ real-time embedded chemometrics, remote monitoring and maintenance, and bi-directional communications, using an on-board OPC server. Aspectrics provides systems integrators with all calibration, maintenance and support software tools necessary to easily adapt the system to existing sampling and spectroscopic accessories to yield a dedicated analyzer solution.

About Aspectrics, Inc
Founded in 2000 and based in Pleasanton, California, Aspectrics Inc. supplies innovative Encoded Photometric Infrared Spectroscopy (EP-IR) analyzers to OEMs supplying detector instrumentation to chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and automotive markets. Aspectrics holds seven U.S. patents and one E.U. patent for its encoding disc technology and associated optics.
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