Atos and Bentley Systems announce strategic partnership |

Atos and Bentley Systems announce strategic partnership

Atos and Bentley Systems announce strategic partnership

October 16, 2018 – Atos and Bentley Systems announced a strategic partnership through which they will offer a solution to create and operate digital twins on behalf of industry and infrastructure asset owners.

Atos’ global experience and expertise in digital transformation together with Bentley’s infrastructure, engineering, reality modeling and asset performance software portfolio will enable businesses to take advantage of fully-integrated and managed digital twins as a cloud-based service.

Thi offering will support owner-operators meet their business KPIs through the following features:

  • Visibility of assets – with up-to-date 3D models of assets via drone-enabled scans
  • Real-time monitoring– topredict asset performance and avoid failures
  • Performance analysis –to maximize asset availability
  • Remote operation of assets– in the case of dangerous or inaccessible assets
  • Operational training(for immersive VR environments)
  • Supports decision-making on asset operational strategies

Bentley and Atos have previously worked together on several manufacturing client projects, which brought together Atos’ expertise in system integration and data capture and analytics with Bentley’s reality modelling software.

This partnership was initiated through the Atos and Siemens Global Strategic Alliance, which maximizes the combined strength of Siemens’ products and solutions with Atos’ experience and expertise in enabling IT services to support their digital transformation, notably in the field of IoT services, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. In 2016, Bentley Systems also entered into a Strategic Alliance with Siemens to enlarge their respective offerings for infrastructure and industry to the benefit of the end-customers. Since that time, Bentley and Siemens have jointly invested in the development of new solutions including for digitalization of discrete and process manufacturing, power transmission and distribution, railway engineering, and power generation.

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