Azure Wireless Announces Successful Testing of Universal Wi-Fi Gateway with Videoconferencing Systems |

Azure Wireless Announces Successful Testing of Universal Wi-Fi Gateway with Videoconferencing Systems

Wireless connectivity provides for truly mobile videoconferencing over industry-standard 802.11 Wi-Fi networks

ROCHESTER HILLS, Michigan – March 28, 2006 – Azure Wireless announced that it has completed successful testing of its Universal Wi-Fi Gateway over 802.11 wireless networks with the Tandberg 770 MXP Videoconferencing System. The testing was undertaken with Tandberg in order to verify the ability of the Universal Wi-Fi Gateway to providing reliable, secure, high quality videoconferencing over 802.11 Wi-Fi networks in telemedicine applications.

The use of the Gateway allows for the use of videoconferencing in a mobile environment, allowing for the unrestricted use of the videoconferencing system within areas covered by Wi-Fi networks, eliminating the requirement for wired connections, problems associated with legacy wireless client firmware and safety hazards posed by temporary cabling.

“We are very excited with the results of this testing. Not only is this another application in which the Gateway has demonstrated its ability to provide versatile functionality in extending wireless network connectivity, but it also demonstrates the viability of a wireless LAN in supporting high quality video and voice traffic. In addition to transporting the videoconferencing over a Wi-Fi network, Tandberg engineers in Boston were evaluating the performance over an internet connection. Not only did this test utilize a Wi-Fi network for local transport, Tandberg engineers in Boston were monitoring the test over an internet connection. The test was a true demonstration of the ability of a wireless LAN to support videoconferencing,” said John Polakowski, president of Azure Wireless.

“This solution provides an unparalleled level of flexibility and performance to enterprises who want to improve mobility, leverage their wireless network investment and reduce capital expenditures and continues to demonstrate the Gateway’s suitability as a reference design for use in enabling applications for mobility,” continued Polakowski.

Supporting all three 802.11 wireless standards for comprehensive coverage, investment protection and compatibility, the Universal Wi-Fi Gateway provides interfaces to both serial and Ethernet devices, allows enterprises to segregate client connections to specific wireless networks and is capable of supporting 20 network devices when paired with a hub or switch. The Gateway also provides the highest level of wireless network security, supporting WPA, 128 bit AES and 802.1x authentication with PEAP, as well as 64, 128 and 152 bit WEP for legacy networks. Superior performance in mobile applications and challenging and dynamic wireless network environments is assured through the use of diversity antenna systems and fast roaming capabilities.

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