Baldor Publishes Ethernet Motion Control Guide |

Baldor Publishes Ethernet Motion Control Guide

October 042005
October 4, 2005 --- Baldor has published a guide to the use of Ethernet in real-time motion and machinery control applications. The free 28-page document is designed for automation engineers and managers, and introduces the technology in a way that contrasts the control approach with conventional system architectures.

The guide starts by describing the industry-standard Ethernet Powerlink protocol and its deterministic features. It then contrasts a conventional machine control system architecture requiring servo motor based motion and other industrial I/O, with a new system based on Ethernet. The publication concludes by introducing programming tools, and detailing a range of Ethernet compliant machine controllers and servo drives, plus related machine control accessories including motors and HMIs.

The guide is free on request by emailing [email protected]

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