Banner Introduces Chemically Resistant U-GAGE® Ultrasonic Sensors |

Banner Introduces Chemically Resistant U-GAGE® Ultrasonic Sensors

September 142005—September 2005—Banner Engineering announces the addition of chemically resistant models to their U-GAGE® line of ultrasonic sensors. The chemical protection comes from a factory-installed Teflon® flange and film coating bonded over the sensors transducer, sealing against gases and vapors that would destroy standard models. Chemically resistant U-GAGE ultrasonic sensors are available in all QT50U and most T30U models and are ideal for a wide variety of level control applications in cleaning, etching and other chemical processes where material is corrosive or caustic.

QT50U models have a sensing range of 200 mm to 8 m, and T30U models have a sensing range of 300 mm to 1.5 m. With the exception of range, performance specifications for both sensors are identical to those of the corresponding standard models and include the following:

  • A variety of outputs and voltages
    --QT50U models available with 10 to 30V dc and analog or discrete outputs, and universal voltage 85 to 264V ac/24 to 250V dc with a SPDT electromechanical relay output
    --T30U models with 10 to 30V dc with discrete or analog/discrete outputs
  • Fast, easy-to-use TEACH programming that uses two on-board push buttons
  • Fully encapsulated designs rated IP67, NEMA 6P for use in harsh environments
  • Inherent immunity to target color differences and high-power light interference
  • Bright LEDs that display status during setup and operation
  • Models with high/low limit controls
  • Unique housings for multiple mounting configurations using the sensor's threaded nose or a variety of brackets

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    Chemically Resistant Information
    QT50U product information
    T30U product information

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