Banner Introduces True Color Sensing for Under $440 |

Banner Introduces True Color Sensing for Under $440

Banner Introduces True Color Sensing for Under $440
Minneapolis, MN–February 19, 2003–Banner Engineering Corp. has announced its new QC50 true color sensor that reliably analyzes and identifies user determined colors. Unlike standard sensing methods which only detect light to dark contrast, the advanced Banner QC50 emits a modulated white light which when reflected back from an object is electronically filtered to its red, green and blue components for accurate color determination. A powerful microprocessor and refined sensing optics outperform competitive sensors in functionality, and at just $439.00 the QC50 is also priced several hundred dollars less.

The QC50 offers Color-only and Color-Plus-Intensity sensing modes. Color-only mode is ideal for sorting applications where the color differences are obvious such as red or black or green and Color-plus-intensity mode refines the sensor¹s capabilities to include gray scale. This mode is used for batch sorting when identifying a specific color from within a family is required such as light blue, medium blue or dark blue. "With discrete outputs for accurate detection of three unique colors and an extremely responsive intensity mode, the QC50 is an excellent sensing solution for error-proofing, product sorting and color verification applications that would otherwise prove too challenging for a standard contrast detection sensor" said Joe Dolinsky, Technical Manager for Banner's photoelectric products. "Now industries such as packaging, automotive, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, printing, semiconductors and quality assurance have a cost effective option to provide reliable color discrimination" Dolinsky added.

A compact and flexible sensor, the QC50 has a rugged ABS plastic housing rated IP67 and operates in temperatures of -10°C to +55°C (+14°F to +131°F). A swivel disconnect fitting adjusts to three positions, allowing for convenient mounting and connection in confined areas. The 10 to 30V dc, QC50 has a maximum output rating of 40 mA @ 24V dc. Models are available with a choice of three NPN (current sinking) or three PNP (current sourcing) outputs. They tolerate vibration and mechanical shock and are also protected against false pulse on power-up, continuous overload, and transient over-voltages.

The 10 to 30V dc QS30AF background suppression sensor has a maximum output rating of 150 mA for each of its outputs. It can be set for light operate (N.O.) or dark operate (N.C.), and feature a bipolar configuration with one NPN (current sinking) and one PNP (current sourcing) outputs. The sensors tolerate vibration, mechanical shock, and washdown. Internal circuitry guards against false pulse on power-up, continuous overload, and short circuit of outputs.

The QS30AF's tough ABS/ polycarbonate blend housing meets IEC IP67 and NEMA 6 standards and operates in temperatures of -10°C to +55°C (+14°F to +131°F). The sensors are available with a 2 m (6.5') PVC cable, 9 m (30') PVC cable or 5-pin integral Euro-style quick-disconnect cable. List prices begin at $129.00.

Banner Engineering is the world's leading manufacturer of electronic machine guarding systems, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, fiber optic assemblies, and precision measurement systems. For further information, contact: Banner Engineering Corp., PO Box 9414, Minneapolis, MN 55440. Ph: 888-373-6767 (Toll-free, North America) or 001-763-544-3164 (International). Fax: 763-544-3213. email: [email protected] e-commerce:
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